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Growing Organisations Across Four Continents

GENEO’s Consultants are enabling growth, recovery, and transformation across the globe

25 Years of Lean Management Experience

There are no cookie cutter solutions to change.   We recognise that every company is unique with its own set of circumstances that can affect the adoption of Lean as part of its culture.  Our team of Lean experts have years of experience in transforming organisations and ensuring that the changes made are sustainable.  We follow a principle-based  implementation of the Lean operating system to ensure success.

Unrivalled Experience In Multiple Industries

Take advantage of our breadth of experience across different industries to support your Lean transformation.

Read about our Lean Consulting methods and experience.

Trialled and Perfected Transformation Method

GENEO has developed a unique deployment model to accelerate your Lean transformation.  Contact us to understand how GENEO can help boost your Lean transformation.

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Continual Success Stories

GENEO continues to grow its business based on the great results we achieve with our clients.  No engagement is ever the same, each one presenting a unique set of challenges for our team, challenges that we heartily accept and overcome jointly with our clients.

Read our Lean Consulting Case Studies.

Tried and Tested Lean Management Methods

Decades of experience in generating growth through Lean Methods, Principles, Systems and Tools

Transforming Organisations Into Lean Operators

Successful organisations are those which embrace transformational change, creating high-performing lean teams.

For lean principles to interlace with an organisation’s DNA there must be cultural change from top to bottom, from the CEO to the front line. With GENEO’s guidance, the leadership team can forge new behaviours, new systems, and new principles to drive continuous improvement.

GENEO’s Lean experts ensure the change management process is never left to chance in order to ensure successful adoption of the Lean operating system.  After all, Lean is about people and people are the culture.  So, before we reach for any tool in the Lean toolbox, we will ensure we have created an environment for continued success.

Forging Stability and Change During Economic Uncertainty – the 100 Day Plan

Financial instability, such as the 2008 recession, presents treacherous waters for companies both new and old. We at GENEO have helped companies to navigate these waters and overcome their most significant operational challenges.

Our expert lean consultants help transform operations from a loss to profit by working alongside the operating teams at all levels to contain the losses and build countermeasures.

Our rapid diagnostic approach helps to stem losses – built upon 90-to-100 day recovery plans – building Interim States for the medium term, and Strategic Blueprints for the long term.

Streamlined Supply Chain Management

GENEO’s team of supply chain experts can cater for all your requirements. GENEO has proven success in helping organisations strengthen the performance of their supply chain, from the complexities of external logistics for the value chain to the implementation of internal logistics within facilities.

Our experienced lean method includes: Procurement Strategies, Inventory Control, Product Lifecycle Management, Value Chain Management Through Tiered Systems, Demand Management, Production Control, Materials Management, Supplier Quality Assurance, Capacity Planning.

Improved New Product Introduction Launches

Over-the-wall product development and new product introductions can be the undoing of an organisation (regardless of their general efficiency).

Through the introduction of simple-to-follow steps your organisation’s next product development or new product introduction can be seamless, from design through to launch.

Our product-to-market methods include: NPI Blueprint Creation, Defined Customer Requirements, Defined Specifications and Technical Requirements, Product Development, FMEA (design and process), Pilot of Product, Standardised Work Instructions, Launch Centre Drafting and Execution.

Lean Logistics for Lean Operational Excellence

Logistics is often an afterthought of operations. Instead, operational excellence is a successful result of Value Stream-optimised integration of a company’s logistics network.

GENEO’s approach will help to avoid the expensive mistake of not considering the internal and external material replenishment requirements of your operating system.

Our lean logistics approach includes: Plans Per Part, Heijunka Planning, Supermarket Introduction, Internal and External Logistics Planning, Production Control, and Buffer Management.

Diagnosing Your Lean Potential

Assess your current Operational Excellence performance via a GENEO comprehensive review and gap analysis.

Our principle based diagnostic provides your organisation with a comprehensive roadmap for improvement.

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Helping Several Industries (Like Yours)

Unrivalled lean consulting for Heavy IndustriesAutomotiveManufacturing, Life Sciences, and More


GENEO’s successful record of transformation in mining is amongst the industry’s strongest.

GENEO’s experience in mining now covers open pit, underground, processing and shipping, working with companies across the globe.


GENEO’s team of Lean experts are very much at home in the automotive sector.  With a strong mix of ex-Toyota consultants, GENEO is well placed to help you with your Lean transformation.


GENEO fields a strong lean consulting team with a background in the Aerospace industry, covering OEM and the supply chain.

This experience includes Vice President-level for global companies in this often challenging, but growing industry.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Twenty years of experience in the field of food and beverage, packaging and processing are at your company’s disposal.

Our continual improvement training and long-term strategies will deliver the operational excellence your FMCG organisation deserves.


The Nuclear industry has a set of unique challenges when it comes to adopting a Lean Operating Model.

Our team of  Lean consultants can help you navigate the introduction and adoption of the Lean principles to suit your company’s needs.

Oil and Gas

Whilst a newcomer to the Oil and Gas industry, our Lean Consulting team have already demonstrated a determined capacity to drive improvement.

If you are looking for a set of fresh eyes to assess your Lean approach and boost your deployment, contact us.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Maintenance has held a fascination with the GENEO team since the beginning of most of our careers (especially in the aerospace industry). It’s tough, complex, demanding and great fun.

With experience in AOG, ramp, light and heavy maintenance, and planning, GENEO can offer a wide range of Lean support for organisations looking to improve operations.


Our Lean Consultants have extensive experience in the marine sector. This experience covers shipbuilding, retro-fit, supply chain development, and product design.

We understand the unique environment that comes with operating in the marine sector and how to deliver value through Lean Operating System implementation.


GENEO’s experience also extends to the service sector. Our Lean team of experts has helped drive change with an array of service sector businesses.

With our comprehensive understanding of the driving forces in CSAT (customer satisfaction) we are able to help health, transport, energy, and contact centre services.

Our Lean approach suits all industries. To accomplish operational excellence we use the following processes for tranformational growth.
  • Rapid Turnaround Recovery Programmes (1st Survival, Medium Term, and Long-Term Strategies)
  • DFMEA / PFMEA Programmes
  • Takt change programmes
  • Lean Leadership Training
  • 1st Tier Supply Chain Management
  • Value Stream Mapping and Flow Diagnostics
  • Fleet Optimisation
  • Total Productive Management (TPM) Improvement
  • Check Turnaround Reduction
  • 90-Day Improvement Programmes.
  • Lean Operating System Implementation
  • Lean Logistics
  • TPM Programmes
  • A3 Problem Solving Campaigns
  • First Line Leadership Training
  • Hoshin / Policy Deployment
  • Buffer Management
  • Retail Shop Layout Design and Consultation
  • Warehouse Management Optimisation

Continual Success and Growth

Add your organisation to GENEO’s continual success story

Extracting Change in the Mining Industry

Mining is a notoriously driven by volume targets, which in the Lean Operating System, can present ongoing challenges (due to the waste of over-production).

From pit to port, from drill to blast, GENEO has helped mining organisations to transform their processes and empower people to own the required change.

Our experience in Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Supply and Human Resources has helped organisations like yours to adapt to a lean environment.

Client Withheld
Scope Introduce Lean Operating System to reduce operating cost
Diagnostic 4 week diagnostic from pit to port
  • Introduce buffer management across the value chain
  • Introduce production control to comply with principle of pull and synchronise mines with demand
  • Introduce TPM on haulage fleet to move from ‘utilisation’ to ‘effectiveness’
  • Introduce Information Centres to drive shift, daily, weekly interactions
  • Fleet haulage reduced by 6%
  • Fuel costs reduced
  • Auxiliary equipment reduced across the value chain
  • Load cycle time reduced by 19% on average across mines
  • 89% engagement of employees in Continuous Improvement and problem solving

Automotive Success Driven By ex-Toyota Lean Experts

GENEO’s expertise in the automotive industry is extensive, thanks to the ex-Toyota employees in our team.

Through hands-on experience transforming projects into successes, our lean consultants are able to bring about change and reduced costs along the full line, including Paint, Manufacturing, Weld, Logistics, Engineering, Assembly.

Client 1st Tier Automotive
Scope 100 day recovery to prevent closure
Diagnostic  Week-long diagnostic with VSM focus
  • Immediate containment loops in quality process. End of line inspection augmented to capture issues and feedback to point of cause
  • Introduction of Info Centres to drive accountability
  • Short interval control on key lines to drive delivery focus
  • CRASH team to resolve problems rapidly and inject countermeasures into design and ME
  • Logistics intervention to overcome ERP generated haemorrhaging of inventory and WIP
  • Standardised Work for all processes on production lines to contain issues
  • 7 of 10 balance scorecard targets reached in the 100 days
  • Customer retained and agreed to ongoing, longer term action plan
  • Line shortages eliminated using pull systems and market places
  • Profitable in third month of engagement

Improving and Maintaining Growth in MRO

Our Lean Consultation team has experience throughout the MRO industry across three continents.

From planning and engineering to maintenance on the line and repair in the hangar; improving the value stream has been achieved by reviewing the flow from top to bottom – including reducing inventory and material holdings, shortening turnaround times for assets, and better margins.

Client A UK based 3rd Party Maintenance and Repair Organisation
Scope Reduce aircraft turnaround times by 40% to meet growing customer demand for the restricted hangar footprint.
  • Performed rapid diagnostic of scheduling, engineering and production processes
  • Direct observations of current check turnarounds
  • Performed QCO activities on all aspects of the check turnaround streams: trades, planning, material flow
  • Reorganised planning process to meet a RFT target on maintenance adherence
  • Introduced visual management and short interval control
  • Redefined roles of check managers across shifts
  • An average annual reduction of 47% across the fleet releasing capacity for further customer demand
  • 32% increase in schedule adherence resulting in a 9% reduction in deferred defects
  • On Time In Full delivery into service improved by 23%

Manufacturing Lean Performance Improvements

Our TPM programme has helped to reduce maintenance and operating costs for clients by up to 25 percent.

GENEO’s approach helps clients to reduce their maintenance burden through our rationalisation programme and turn planned maintenance activities into effective work standards for use in the workplace.

Client Manufacturer of high value products for mining
Scope Introduce Total Productive Maintenance to lift line performance in order to consolidate European operations. A unique opportunity to insource from Asia.
  • Full review of maintenance practices and performance
  • Identify bottlenecks on 3 key production lines
  • Introduce OEE (manual data collection and calc) on identified bottlenecks with uptime on secondaries and tertiaries
  •  Re-allocation of Planned Maintenance activities to drive operator maintenance
  •  Introduce line-side stock for key parts and consumables
  •  Early Equipment Management introduced for next generation equipment ready for delivery in 6 month horizon
  •  Quick Change Over activities on line start-ups, tool changes and product changeovers
  • Shift requirements reduced from 5 to 4
  •  4 products in-sourced from Asia improving quality and unit cost
  • TPM programme deployed across the group

Logistics From Push to Pull

Logistics are often an afterthought for many businesses, whereas the Lean methodology for success has shown that putting Logistics first in the value system can often transform a company.

Putting Lean Logistical Practices in place can help to improve line stops, inventory turns, materials management, and work-in-progress.

Our lean consultants have repeatedly helped companies move from just-in-case inventory management to dynamic pull systems with levelled production and Kanban systems suited to their environment.

Client 1st Tier Automotive
Scope Eliminate chronic material shortages for a key sequencing plant with turnover in excess of £1bn
  • Materials assessment
  •  Logistics diagnostic
  • Introduce lean logistics provider to optimise routes across Europe
  • Establish supermarket and line-side delivery based on pull, Level scheduling of product, and the de-activation of ERP launches
  • Plan per part mapping to improve bill of material accuracy 
  • Elimination of high bay storage
  • £12m one-off inventory saving
  • Line stoppages due to material supply reduced to zero
  • Line delivery to OTIF improved by 46%
  • 100% of material controlled by pull systems within an 8 week production horizon

Lean in Energy Services

The services industry can benefit from implementing lean principles, and in our experience, the improvements can be extensive.

Our cross-industry experiences with lean can help to improve your net promoter score and CSAT. From First Contact Resolution in call centres, to the hidden value stream of the customer journey, GENEO has the lean consultancy experience your organisation can rely upon.

Client Energy Services
Scope Improve Change Of Occupancy from current lead time of 70 days
Diagnostic  4 week diagnostic required to find appropriate data and develop future state
  • Process redesign driven by the VSM process.
  • Full rewrite of Standard Operating Procedures to cater for the shift to ‘sales / service’ approach in order to drive 1st contact resolution
  • Retraining sales and service team to perform the Change of Occupancy as one unit
  • Implement minor system changes to cope with concept of 1st contact resolution
  • Change Of Occupancy reduced from 70 day average to 45 minutes
  • RFT reduced from 50% to zero
  • 21% improvement in sales conversion

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