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One Software, One Standard, One Best Way

We believe in a One Best Way singular software approach to standard work instructions

1. Create Your

2. Introduce

3. Constantly

4. Track

We know that all you want to do is focus on writing the best standard work instruction to assure the best outcome. That’s why we have developed a standardised work software system for enterprises that manages all the complexities and makes it simple for everyone to use.

Whilst you focus on creating the best standard and sharing best practice, GENEO is taking care of all the boring stuff, including; versioning, formatting, tracking, archiving and governance.

Up To 40% Faster Than Your Current Processes

  • GENEO Software has helped companies to reduce their time to create and maintain their work instructions by up to 40%.
  • Our software enables departments and companies to share work and work instruction standards across offices, shop floors, and any geographic distance.
  • Improved flow of work standards also enables a 40% reduction in the number of standards required – further promoting a One Best Way approach.
  • Manage governance throughout your organisation with system alerts and emails, reducing lead time.
  • Encourage continuous improvement through software-enabled increased agility and reduced effort for change.
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Who Is GENEO Software For?

GENEO’s software and operational excellence is already helping companies like yours


Driving lean improvements along the assembly line

Health & Life Sciences

Increasing performance in important services

Heavy Industries

Improving operational excellence, from pit to port

Services & Utilities

Reducing waste and leading change in crucial services

Create Standards, See Continuous Improvement

Bring up to 40% improvements to your flow and assembly

Create Standards

Build the best standard work for your processes using GENEO software.  Inspire your teams to engage in writing instructions for continuous improvement with a laser focus on the task at hand.  The system is user-friendly and agile making it 40% faster than desktop applications for defining your work instructions. Define the standard for creating standards for your enterprise in GENEO Software and witness the acceleration of your continuous improvement journey.

Using GENEO Software’s powerful functionality you can reduce the number of work instructions required to define your processes by up to 40%.  Simply define best-practice at the step level of a task and share it across as many standards as you like.

Let GENEO Software take care of the complexity of your operations and provide simple, well-defined outcomes that can be followed and sustained and improved. We can cater for difficulties in variation, variants and optional activities and decision-based outcomes making it simple to define the One Best Way for performing work safely, to the highest quality without compromising delivery.

Let us inspire your people to engage in continuous improvement.  Liberate them from desktop applications that are not fit for purpose and watch your standard work come to life and do what you always hoped it would do: provide a platform for continuous improvement.

Apply Governance

Governing and controlling work instructions just became up to 1000% faster than before.  Our clients benefit from absolute control when authorising standards without the difficulty of interfacing with document management systems, spreadsheets and emails. With direct line-of-sight, complete visibility of status and change requirements, it is so much easier to make go, no-go decisions on changes to standards.

Take advantage of the simple path to controlling change knowing that GENEO Software had error proofed the danger of uncontrolled copies reaching the front-line.

Nurture Continual Improvement

GENEO Software provides your organisation with the ability to track improvement ideas and the solving of problems against the appropriate standard.  As a healthy funnel of improvement opportunities build up, your teams can incorporate the ideas into the next generation of the standard and see the impact across the scorecard of Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost.

Track waste elimination and improvements to your value-add ratio with GENEO Software’s simple to use ideas capture process and watch your ideas contribution make a healthy leap in performance.

Use the powerful re-balancing process to organise steps of work among processes to maximise capacity safe in the knowledge that any change made is fully controlled and tracked by GENEO Software’s functionality.  Once your changes are made, the system will present all the changes for authorisation.  Our clients tell us it can be 70% faster to re-balance a process to customer demand using our powerful system for organising work.

Build Competency

GENEO has not only reduced the admin burden of ensuring changes to work instructions are linked to competency tracking but we have made it easier to capture the learning and development of your people.

GENEO Software will flag any changes to a person’s competency if a change is made to a standard.  This makes it easier for first line leadership to keep people safe and assure quality for the customer.

Get ready to take your competency and training to the next level.

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Who Are We?

GENEO is a team of operational excellence experts with experience in implementing Lean and continuous improvement combined with a team of vibrant, young and diverse software developers who are defining the way to support operational excellence in the world of Industry 4.0.

Our software team take great pride in building the enterprise-wide platform and have complete control of the development process.  We do not outsource our work to ensure the highest quality of code without compromise.

We live by our Vision, Mission Statement, Values and our Guiding Principles.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Our continuous improvement software is delivering change

Our introduction to the GENEO Software solution has proved pivotal to sustaining our Kaizen activities across standardised work, quality chain documentation control, TPM and 5S.

It’s the complete Gemba visual operating standard solution through bottom up associate engagement

Operations Director, AMTEK

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