GEN-OPS1: Best SaaS solution for Standardized Work


Firstly, excellence and Lean Thinking begins with standards. Consequently, it is the foundation for sustainable continuous improvement activities. GEN-OPS1, our standardized work instructions software is a powerful, intuitive, scalable, and secure SaaS platform. It is the most cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. 


Build stability in your Lean operation with GEN-OPS1.  You focus on creating the One Best Way of writing the standard and we will take care of the rest: governance, versioning, traceability, formatting, reporting, security and storage.


Secondly, you use GEN-OPS1 to manage the full life cycle of your standards, from the cradle to the grave. That is to say, nothing in the process of making changes is lost. Additionally, you will always reflect the here and now of the task at hand. You will leverage its powerful version control and change management to remain in full control of your standards and processes. Your digital twin journey has just found its best partner.



Get it right every time

Thirdly, your business is successful partly because it relies on standardized work instructions safety, quality, productivity, etc. Therefore why not apply a standard software tool to optimize the process of the management of your standards. Your standardized work instructions are an investment that enables your business:

  1. repeatable control of operations,
  2. ongoing opportunity to effectively measure effectiveness, and
  3. means to redesign work instructions with significant effect.

Most importantly, you can do this:

  1. based on data,
  2. continuous improvement insights, and
  3. problem-solving provided by the workforce. 



Robust and Scalable Cloud Access

Fourthly, you will benefit from easy, secure, central access to all your standards from the cloud. Therefore, you can tick that off your list of concerns. That's how it works!

GEN-OPS1 does not mind what terminology you use, meaning you are free to use your naming conventions. It's all the same for GEN-OPs1:

  1. Standardized work,
  2. Work Instructions, and
  3. Standardized Operating Procedures

With GEN-OPS1, you can see:

  1. where your standards are,
  2. who is using them, and
  3. who is managing them.

When you are ready to deploy your maintenance standard to your supervisors and their teams, you can use TEMPO. This product is a powerful short-interval-control tool; in other words, it is excellent for applying standards to critical path maintenance planning and providing visual awareness of each technician's progress. 

In conclusion, GEN-OPS1, our standardized work instructions software, enables everyone in the organization to build great standardized work. You can forget having to think through the complexities of:

  1. variants,
  2. products,
  3. demand, and
  4. formatting.

You focus on the thing that counts the most: writing the best standard for:

  • safety,
  • quality, and productivity.

Contact us for a demo to have a closer look at GENEO's standardized work instructions software: GEN-OPS1


Create, Share, Govern, Control, Comply

Our functionality means no more worries with macros, borders, copy/paste protocols.
Getting a standard approved for use with full control history is faster than ever.
It’s simple to capture an improvement and see its progression through to Go-Live.
Fewer standards but managing complexity with ease.
Following the standard has been made easy with GENEO’s approach to building Standardised Work.

GENEO’s software and operational excellence is already helping companies like yours


Improving quality and driving continuous improvement

Health & Life Sciences

Improving the patient journey

Heavy Industries

Improving safety, compliance and productivity

Services & Utilities

Improving the customer journey

125% Improvement in Employee Engagement*

With an interface that can be mastered in minutes and simple controlled accessibility you can empower your people to become fully engaged in the process of creating and improving their standardised work.

With single click capture of improvement ideas and problem identification it has never been easier to harness and communicate the collective understanding and experience of your teams.

41% Reduction in SOPs Required*

Traditionally, sharing standards / work instructions across different processes has been a complex problem employing complex document management schemes and labour intensive cross referencing when change happens.

The GENEO Software enables the controlled sharing of Job Elements across Locations, Processes and individual Work Instructions, while at the same time maintaining clear visibility of what is shared where, and whether it is up to date.

25% Improvement in Compliance*

Demonstrating full compliance in a simple yet structured way is now possible with the GENEO Software. The powerful process confirmation feature enables leaders to review standards and the work performed in the workplace in real time.

52% Reduction In Training Time*

The GENEO Software provides a platform for generating standardised work that remains standard in appearance and content. By providing a simple method for capturing and embedding the tacit knowledge of your experienced operators in your standardised work, new learners can quickly build their competency with the one best way to perform a process.

Combining this with the ability to link supporting information and documents to standards (including video) and by utilising the on-screen presentation of standards, you benefit from a powerful training system that communicates the current version of the one best way.

45% Decrease in Time to Re-Balance*

With the GENEO Software, gone are the days of repositioning hundreds of bits of sticky paper in an effort to re-design your process flow to meet changes in customer demand. Gone is the the tedious, error prone and often neglected job of updating work instructions to reflect the new arrangements.

With Drag n Drop work elements in the graphical interface, understanding your capacity and bottlenecks is now an instant away.

Understand how cycle times balance against Takt and make adjustments in seconds safe in the knowledge that GENEO Software is taking care of the new work-balance arrangement of work instructions.

6% Improvement in BOM Accuracy*

An accurate Bill Of Material can be generated automatically as your standardised work evolves.

The GENEO software tracks parts consumption at the element level, and allowing for both the addition and referencing of parts.

Interrogating the database in terms of parts consumption and comparing this with your engineering systems parts lists provides clear understanding of parts accuracy in your standards.


*  All statistics obtained through customer feedback from multiple customers.

All Lean principles and needs covered

Get the best from your standardised work
One best way
Kaizen on to go
Real-time competency tracking
Document management system
Managed complexity
E-enabled access
Easy enterprise-wide use
Simplified governance

Our other software offerings

Unlock the performance potential of maintenance crews and improve critical uptime of assets
Bespoke mobile apps for the lean community
Reduce maintenance turnaround time by 50%!
  • TEMPO is a system that has been developed to radically reduce the time taken to perform complex maintenance activities on fixed assets or fleet. It is a simple yet intelligent way of organizing your maintenance activities to complete the maintenance turnaround in half the time.
  • By organizing work sequences for trades/technicians and building critical paths and dependencies, TEMPO quickly highlights lost time opportunities in the overall planned turnaround.
  • Applying standard work instructions with step-by-step guides for process confirmation, TEMPO visualizes real-time progress for short interval control, providing instant decision making to maintain compliance to plan.
  • By using TEMPO to plan and execute complex maintenance turnarounds our clients have achieved 50%+ reduction in downtime, giving a 10%+ improvement in fleet availability.
Reduce maintenance backlog by 60%!
  • Unlock valuable maintenance time and use it to reduce chronic backlogs or stubborn deferred defects.
  • Give technicians more time for proactive interventions.
Improve asset reliability by 18%!
  • Enjoy the knock-on benefit of backlog clearance and proactive activities, improving the reliability of your assets.
Increase continuous improvement engagement by 180%!
  • TEMPO’s easy-to-use Concerns and Ideas capture feature engages technicians in driving improvements that help improve turnarounds, reliability, and availability
  • Identify the classic wastes (transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over processing, over production, defect) in relation to your maintenance activities.
  • Expose supply chain, kitting, resourcing, workplace organization, sequencing, tooling, and planning opportunities for review through TEMPO’s powerful reporting feature.
  • Analyze the hour-by-hour compliance to plan with the associated losses incurred throughout the turnaround event.
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