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Manufacturer of high value products for mining

Our Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program has helped reduce clients' maintenance and operating costs by up to 25 percent.

GENEO's approach helps clients reduce their maintenance burden through our rationalization program and turn planned maintenance activities into practical work standards for use in the workplace.

Where clients are ready, we recommend TEMPO for maintenance supervisors and their team of technicians. Lean thinking focuses on people and reducing waste in processes. Aviation and mining customers have successfully exposed bloat in planned maintenance schedules with our software. Consequently, before using TEMPO, they were unaware of the root cause of backlogs and low asset availability.

Foundations are critical for stability and sustainability. Of course, your business has standard operating procedures, codes of practice, and even standard work instructions. However, do you know if your engineers were given the best tool to manage that content? Is it easy to socialize a changed standard, submit a review, edit in or out required changes and deploy? Likewise, can you engineers reuse established work elements across multiple deployed standards? How do they manage change (MOC) when it cascades across dozens or hundreds of documents? GEN-OPS1 makes this simple, reliable, and transparent, even across an organization with operations distributed worldwide.

GENEO introduced myCI to make it easy for leaders to conduct inspections, record concerns, document containments, and evaluate countermeasures. Likewise, myCI is a brilliant tool for collecting, tracking, and sharing continuous improvement insights. 

These are high-value products for mining, aviation, manufacturing, and many other industries.

Maintenance performance directly translates into asset reliability and asset availability. So, production is your most important customer. GENEO can help reduce your maintenance burden through our rationalization program that delivers the proper work instructions. Once you have brilliant standards and work instructions, sustain them with GEN-OPS1 and TEMPO. 


Manufacturer of high value products for mining


Introduce Total Productive Maintenance to lift line performance in order to consolidate European operations. A unique opportunity to insource from Asia.


  • Full review of maintenance practices and performance
  • Identify bottlenecks on 3 key production lines


  • Introduce OEE (manual data collection and calc) on identified bottlenecks with uptime on secondaries and tertiaries
  • Re-allocation of Planned Maintenance activities to drive operator maintenance
  • Introduce line-side stock for key parts and consumables
  • Early Equipment Management introduced for next generation equipment ready for delivery in 6 month horizon
  • Quick Change Over activities on line start-ups, tool changes and product changeovers


  • Shift requirements reduced from 5 to 4
  • 4 products in-sourced from Asia improving quality and unit cost
  • TPM programme deployed across the group

Trialled and perfected transformation method

GENEO has developed a unique deployment model to accelerate your Lean transformation. Contact us to understand how GENEO can help boost your Lean transformation.

Continual success stories

GENEO continues to grow its business based on the great results we achieve with our clients. No engagement is ever the same, each one presenting a unique set of challenges for our team, challenges that we heartily accept and overcome jointly with our clients.

Leadership training

We are training leaders to make a difference by leading Lean with the appropriate behaviours to make a significant difference to their Continuous Improvement culture. It’s all about people and we are all about people.

Book an appointment with a Lean consultant at a time that suits you

Reduce maintenance turnaround time by 50%!
  • TEMPO is a system that has been developed to radically reduce the time taken to perform complex maintenance activities on fixed assets or fleet. It is a simple yet intelligent way of organizing your maintenance activities to complete the maintenance turnaround in half the time.
  • By organizing work sequences for trades/technicians and building critical paths and dependencies, TEMPO quickly highlights lost time opportunities in the overall planned turnaround.
  • Applying standard work instructions with step-by-step guides for process confirmation, TEMPO visualizes real-time progress for short interval control, providing instant decision making to maintain compliance to plan.
  • By using TEMPO to plan and execute complex maintenance turnarounds our clients have achieved 50%+ reduction in downtime, giving a 10%+ improvement in fleet availability.
Reduce maintenance backlog by 60%!
  • Unlock valuable maintenance time and use it to reduce chronic backlogs or stubborn deferred defects.
  • Give technicians more time for proactive interventions.
Improve asset reliability by 18%!
  • Enjoy the knock-on benefit of backlog clearance and proactive activities, improving the reliability of your assets.
Increase continuous improvement engagement by 180%!
  • TEMPO’s easy-to-use Concerns and Ideas capture feature engages technicians in driving improvements that help improve turnarounds, reliability, and availability
  • Identify the classic wastes (transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over processing, over production, defect) in relation to your maintenance activities.
  • Expose supply chain, kitting, resourcing, workplace organization, sequencing, tooling, and planning opportunities for review through TEMPO’s powerful reporting feature.
  • Analyze the hour-by-hour compliance to plan with the associated losses incurred throughout the turnaround event.
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