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Is Necessary Unnecessary?

by Mark Radley | Dec 19, 2014

Whenever I feel devilish and want to stir some verbal sparring I just have to ask one question.   Next time you are having dinner with your Lean guru just pop the following question, sit back and enjoy the debate. Let the games begin.

Me: Is necessary non value add really necessary?

First Gladiator: Of course it’s unnecessary. It’s a cop out by those who give up on trying to eliminate it or simply don’t have the imagination to make it happen.

Second Gladiator: Hang on…

First Gladiator: It’s just laziness. A lack of willpower to go after the waste.

Second Gladiator: Hold on…

First Gladiator: I mean, I walked the process the other day and saw more orange on the yamazumi than you would find on a Tibetan monk. It’s nuts. We just accept the waste is going to be there now. We’ll never challenge it.

Second Gladiator: How can you say that?

First Gladiator: I went to Nepal last year and…

Second Gladiator: No you #%#¥! I mean you know that Necessary Non Value Add is necessary just as much as I do. We aren’t in Toyota now and it’s never as simple as it was for us then.

Me: I didn’t realise things were so simple at Toyota.

First and Second Gladiator: What do you mean by that?

Me: Oh nothing really. Could you pass me the Necessary but Non Value Adding salt please.

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