6 July, 2017

Problem Solving – Technology dumbing us down?

Does the ability to easily pass the buck mean that fewer and fewer members of the workforce have maintained, acquired or have confidence in their ability to carryout problem solving?

When I first started my career oh so many, many moons ago there was very little in terms of technology in the workplace.  I can remember being given a desktop computer with the first installation of Microsoft Office and

25 July, 2016

Excelling in excel just makes it more difficult

Employing Excel to capture and communicate numbers and information is great but not if those who need to do the work are not skilled in the use of Excel or happy interpreting spreadsheets. There are better tools for this that have been with us for a long time…

I have watched with great envy young engineers rattling out charts, pivot tables, and various other fantastic looking data spreadsheets. My mind is just not made that way. I struggle to keep up with reading columns and rows or

25 July, 2016

5 Guiding Principles Part Five – Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement as a leadership Guiding Principle does not suggest leaders need come up with all the answers, in fact it is quite the opposite. Fostering and nurturing the ideas of others is the leader’s role and the intent behind this guiding principle.

Five Guiding Principles  – Continuous Improvement
I’m sure you have all heard the word kaizen in your time,  ‘Kai’ meaning change and ‘zen’ meaning for the better.
I can remember leading a team on one of my first assignments in a

25 July, 2016

5 Guiding Principles Part Four – Teamwork

South Africa 32 – Japan 34 – Rugby Union World Cup 2015

Now, who would have predicted that result? There was no one playmaker in the Japanese team that would have suggested this result was even a possibility. This was a team galvanised by an inspirational coach to offer up the performance of the decade – nay, the century!

The Five Guiding Principles Part 4 – Teamwork
Here’s one of those words that gets tossed around without people really knowing what they expect from it. When things go wrong and the flip chart comes out for some introspection as

25 July, 2016

5 Guiding principles Part Three – Respect

Leaders may have been conditioned to the expectation of being able to make constant withdrawals from the Respect Bank, regardless of the amount of credit they may have accrued. My experience shows this currency to be highly volatile and may depreciate rapidly, dependant on the behaviours of account holders.

 5 Guiding principles Part Three – Respect
The desire for respect is a universal value cutting across cultures and countries.  We all look for it in our relationships at work and in our personal lives.  Its one mechanism, a pretty

25 July, 2016

5 Guiding Principles Part Two – Challenge

Challenge the status quo – how good are we at challenging ourselves to improve?

5 Guiding Principles Part Two – Challenge In my previous blog I talked about my experience with Go Look See, the segue to the other guiding principles, problem solving and continuous improvement.  When running workshops for leadership I ask the participants

10 December, 2015

Saucy ERP? No thank you!

Will that shiny new ERP system actually destroy all the good work you have put in to building a leaner and more agile business? Chances are yes. Read on…..

Would you like chocolate sauce with your vanilla ERP, sir?Apologies in advance but this article is going to cause a little heartburn for some.The question is: Can Lean survive in an ERP world?I have witnessed the inexorable destruction in

28 October, 2015

Getting Mugged (Geneo Software)

Doing the right thing feels good, and is good for business. Could the GENEO Software help disadvantaged youngsters looking to get a foothold in the world of employment?

Today I spent a couple of hours with Chris Rawlins, an entrepreneur in retail. You might describe him more as a man on a mission to demonstrate how, through thoughtful leadership, companies can help disadvantaged youngsters gain employment in