Encourage change with Enterprise-level Standard Work Software

Web-based documentation management software you control for full governance and real-time competency tracking of standardised work

Ignite Continuous Improvement with e-Enabled Standardised Work Software

See how GENEO’s software is nurturing continual improvement and operation excellence

125% Improvement in Employee Engagement*

With an interface that can be mastered in minutes and simple controlled accessibility you can empower your people to become fully engaged in the process of creating and improving their SOPs.

With single click capture of improvement ideas and problem identification it has never been easier to harness and communicate the collective understanding and experience of your teams.

41% Reduction in SOPs Required*

Traditionally sharing SOPs across different processes has been a complex problem employing complex document management schemes and laborious cross referencing when change happens.

The GENEO Software can allow for the controlled sharing of Job Elements across Locations, Processes and individual Work Instructions, while at the same time maintaining clear visibility of what is shared where, and whether it is up to date.

150% Increase in Number of Improvements*

Perhaps you are lucky enough to enjoy a culture where CI contributions from your frontline are encouraged and regularly offered. Not a common occurrence, to say the least, but it is still not delivering the incremental performance increases you hoped for. All too frequently the good ideas get lost because there is no clear system for harvesting and implementing them.

Imagine if all ideas could be linked directly to the WI with a single click. Imagine also if the document owner was alerted to the input and could react rapidly to evaluate, implement and submit for sign-off in one seamless workflow. The GENEO Software offers this capability to significantly increase the agility with which your teams ideas become reality.

52% Reduction In Training Time*

The GENEO Software provides a platform for generating WI that remain standard in appearance and content. Buy providing a simple method for capturing and embedding the elusive tacit knowledge of your experienced operators in your WI new learners can quickly come up to speed with the one best way to carryout out a process.

Combining this with the ability to link supporting information and documents, including video, to standards; and by utilising the on-screen presentation of WI, you enjoy a powerful training system that communicates the current version of the one best way.

200% Improvement in Lead Time to Govern SOPs*

Typically anything up to 4 or 5 systems might be employed to help manage the storage, distribution, feedback and progress of the governance of your documentation. The bottlenecks will be there but for the most part will be hidden and therefore difficult to eliminate.

By building the governance workflow into one system GENEO has made it possible to significantly reduce lead time to govern WIs. All dialogue around review and sign-off are kept and all electronic signatures are date and time stamped to maintain a complete record of the Governance process for future auditing and understanding of change.

25% Improvement in Compliance*

Demonstrating full compliance in a simple yet structured way is now possible with the GENEO Software. By making tangible links between regulations, policies, and other governing principles, directly to your processes, change can be understood bi-directionally.

See all those process documents that have been reviewed in light of regulatory change, and more importantly, those that have not.

At Audit time demonstrate compliance by function or location, confident in the knowledge all documentation in use has been fully authorised and its visibility controlled.

45% Decrease in Time to Re-Balance*

With the GENEO Software, gone are the days of repositioning hundreds of bits of sticky paper in an effort to map and redesign your process flow to meet changing customer demand. Gone also is the tedious, error prone and often neglected job of updating WI to reflect the new arrangements.

With ‘Drag ’n’ Drop’ work elements in the graphical Yamazumi interface, understanding of your operations is taken to a new level.

‘See’ the total cycle time in relation to the new takt and adjust in seconds, confident that the GENEO Software is taking care of the new arrangement of work in the WIs.

6% Improvement in BOM Accuracy*

Tracking parts consumption at the element level, and allowing for both the addition and referencing of parts, an accurate BOM can be generated automatically as your documents evolve. Interrogating the database in terms of parts consumption and comparing this with your engineering systems parts lists provides clear understanding of parts accuracy in your documentation.

*Figures above are potentials based on averages recorded during software trials with undisclosed companies

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How Does It Work?

Create, Share, Govern, Control, Comply

Step 1. Create Your Standard

Once you have set the standard for your standards your teams will find using the GENEO application as simple as booking a flight online.  We will take care of the tricky stuff while you concentrate on writing the best ever standard for your process.

Step 2. Share Across Your Organisation

Because you are building standards in a sophisticated enterprise-based database, you can share steps and standards like never before.  Its time to leverage best practice across your organisation.

Step 3. Include Agile Governance

Because we recognise velocity is important you can make as many changes as you like to standards safe in the knowledge that the GENEO application will ensure that all proposed changes are channelled through an authorisation loop made to suit your requirements.

Step 4. Control All Documentation and Versions

You never have to worry about tracking versions or changes anymore.  As you amend your work instructions, GENEO will ensure that all changes are tracked, versioned and controlled. You focus on creating the best standard and GENEO will take care of the heavy lifting.

Step 5. Comply To Work Standards with Ease

Using our screen-based outputs of standards, or with paper based, you can ensure standards are in control.  With the powerful functionality in the GENEO application, you will be able to define exactly how things must be done and leave nothing to chance.

All Lean Principles and Needs Covered

Implement standardised work instruction compliance with ease

One Best Way

Kaizen On The Go

Real-time Competency Tracking

Document Management System

Managed Complexity

E-Enabled Access

Easy Enterprise Wide Use

Simplified Governance

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