Whatever your needs GENEO can provide the Lean automotive expertise. From project based turnarounds to full transformations.

Our Lean experts in automotive are ex-Toyota leaders with depths of experience in OEM and supply chain. With results in paint, manufacturing, weld, logistics, engineering and assembly, GENEO’s team can help you excel in this fast paced environment.
As the automotive world moves ever forward in technology, setting new paradigms with manufacturing and assembly, GENEO’s team can help sustain improvements and reduce costs. In a difficult world of slim margins Lean for automotive is paramount.

1st tier automotive

100 day recovery to prevent closure

Week-long diagnostic with VSM focus

  • Immediate containment loops in quality process.  End of line inspection augmented to capture issues and feedback to point of cause
  • Introduction of Info Centres to drive accountability
  • Short interval control on key lines to drive delivery focus
  • CRASH team to resolve problems rapidly and inject countermeasures into design and ME
  • Logistics intervention to overcome ERP generated haemorrhaging of inventory and WIP
  • Standardised Work for all processes on production lines to contain issues
  • 7 of 10 balance scorecard targets reached in the 100 days
  • Customer retained and agreed to ongoing, longer term action plan
  • Line shortages eliminated using pull systems and market places
  • Profitable in third month of engagement