7 April, 2016


Improve your line stops, inventory turns, materials management and work in progress with our Lean Logistics Program.

Lean Logistics is usually an afterthought for operations when, in fact, it can become the showstopper for your clients. Trying to reverse engineer Lean Logistics into an existing operation can test the best and the bravest. However, GENEO has

4 February, 2016


GENEO’s TPM program has reduced maintenance and operating costs for clients by up to 25 percent. Understand how TPM can improve your safety and OEE figures with a further benefit of cost reduction.

Existing maintenance strategies rarely account for TPM either in the planned maintenance field or in autonomous maintenance for operators.TPM strategies can become narrow in focus, usually focussing on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and do not encompass all the five

4 February, 2016


From pit to port, GENEO has helped mining organisations transform their processes and empower people to own the value stream.

Mining is notoriously driven by volume targets which in a Lean environment can present some challenges considering the waste of over-production.GENEO has experience of working in Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Supply and Human Resources.  GENEO’s team of experts can adapt

4 February, 2016


GENEO can help Utilities improve CSAT. Improving First Contact Resolution in call centres or transforming the hidden value stream of the customer journey.

4 February, 2016


Whatever your needs GENEO can provide the Lean automotive expertise. From project based turnarounds to full transformations.

Our Lean experts in automotive are ex-Toyota leaders with depths of experience in OEM and supply chain. With results in paint, manufacturing, weld, logistics, engineering and assembly, GENEO’s team can help you excel in this fast paced environment. As the

4 February, 2016


Introducing Lean practices across the MRO value stream. From planning and engineering to maintenance on the line and in the hangar.

GENEO’s team of Lean experts has worked in the MRO field from different industries across 3 continents. GENEO has extensive experience in maintenance and repair throughout the value stream of returning assets to operations.  Our activities have covered the re-engineering