How GENEO Software Enables Operation Excellence

Learn how your organisation can find improved flow and high adherance to standard operating procedures thanks to our Enterprise-ready web-app.

1. Create Your Standard

When you have established the One Best Way for a process it is now time to capture it.

To start click the ‘Create SWC’ button. GENEO will generate and apply the next unique document ID number for the new standard. This number will stay with the document throughout its lifecycle with no manual intervention required.

Apply a name for the standard, indicate where it should be visible in the organisation right now and Save. Document visibility can be changed at any time during the life of the standard.

We now see the page where the document will be managed all through its lifecycle. From the point of creation until the time when it is no longer relevant and is sent to the archive.

It is now a case of adding – (in no particular order)

  • Safety equipment and safety info
  • Information supporting quality
  • A layout diagram
  • The authorisation requirement

This environment is also where we build the major and minor steps of the process, sometimes referred to as Job Element Sheets (JES) and Elements.

To start a new JES simply click ‘Add JES’.

There is no need to understand sophisticated formatting functions needed to manipulate existing desktop document writing solutions.

Anyone can get involved!

To add Elements to a JES click ‘Add Element’

Click ‘Add Existing’ to add common work JES that are already defined, from the Shared Element Sheet library. This bit of GENEO functionality not only helps control common work steps but also allows strict control of critical process steps that need to be centrally managed, all the while reducing the number of documents that need creating.

Adding step detail to an Elements via text boxes and global lists makes building up the rich detail very straightforward

Preview your efforts at any point. The GENEO Software manages all the formatting of your final document for you. However, we all like to take a peek at how it will look ‘on the page’ as we work on a document. Click the ‘Preview’ button to see your efforts come to life on the page.

Once complete pass the standard for authorisation with the click of a button.

Your standard forms part of a sequential workflow?

No problem. Define the Process Flow and add your standard to the flow.

Product or process variation complicates how you communicate your standards?

Fine. Define the variants and then use the required work matrix to control how work applies to them.

Voila! GENEO can now present the relevant process steps to the operator in either a paper document or on screen.

2. Add Version Control

Moving standards from draft to live deployment

Draft – Pending – Authorised – Live – Previous

When a document is passed for approval it moves from a ‘Draft’ state to a ‘Pending’ state. It is now locked to change. If the authorisation is successful the document then becomes ‘Authorised’. It will remain in this condition until it made ‘Live’.

This cycle repeats for every change made to the standard building up a rich history of change and improvement that can be tracked through the archive of ‘Previous’ versions.

3. Maintain Governance

E-enabled tracking from drafted standard to deployed work instruction

The authorisation process is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the standardised work lifecycle.

It can use up to three systems to lock, store and view documents, and then another to track who has seen what, what was said and who is clogging up the system.

GENEO manages all review and sign-off traffic. Authorisers receive alerts of authorisations, via email if required, and then follow the link to see the standard and review.

Reviewer comments and decisions are all recorded and date and time stamped, so it is always clear who said what and when.

Sometimes it will be necessary to define your auth team by role rather than by the specific user. Both options are available in the GENEO Software. Either/or combinations to give maximum flexibility while maintaining good control.

4. Share Easily

Share processes and ideas across your company

Each document created or uploaded to GENEO can have its visibility managed by a Function within the business, or a Location, or both.

It is then possible to allow controlled sharing of processes, documents and ideas with users across functions or facilities within the business.

The unique ‘Workspaces’ functionality lets users create their own workspaces where they can place draft documents and privately work through ideas. To collaborate, invite other users from across the business into your space to share ideas and improvements.

5. See Continuous Improvement

Identify problems, correct and improve

What do you do with a good idea? It is not always obvious, and when you have found a home for it who is then responsible for evaluating it and carrying forward?

GENEO provides users across your whole organisation with the opportunity to record an idea, identify a problem or report a document correction easily.

The idea is linked to the document describing the process and remains there until evaluated. If the idea proves valuable then it can be integrated in a controlled way to deliver that next step of incremental improvement.

The process owner instantly receives an alert to the new idea and can then act on it. Should the suggestion prove valuable, then the process owner can implement the idea confident that all this rich change information is being safely locked into the changelog for the process.

6. Easy Employee Engagement

Equal opportunity to create, share, and improve

From the simple to work user interface to the pricing model applied, GENEO has been designed with inclusion and engagement as a primary objective.

Allow operators and frontline staff to record ideas, or even experiment and apply changes to process documents, safe in the knowledge that all change is strictly governed before becoming visible to the wider organisation.

7. Simple Compliance

E-enabled quality assurance management

Managing your standardised work through GENEO will delight your regulator or QMS auditor.

  • Rapidly Locate Documentation
  • Demonstrate Controlled Visibility
  • No Uncontrolled Change
  • Only Latest Live Versions Available to the Business
  • Full Version history
  • Competency Management
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