Create your standard

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When you have established the One Best Way for a process it is now time to capture it...

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Add version control

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Moving standards from draft to live deployment. Draft – Pending – Authorised – Live – Previous...

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Maintain governance

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The authorisation process is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the standardised work lifecycle...

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Share easily

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Each document created or uploaded to GENEO can have its visibility managed by a Function within the business, or a Location, or both...

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Continuous improvement

What do you do with a good idea? It is not always obvious, and when you have found a home for it who is then responsible for evaluating it and carrying forward?

GENEO provides users across your whole organisation with the opportunity to record an idea, identify a problem or report a document correction easily.

The idea is linked to the document describing the process and remains there until evaluated. If the idea proves valuable then it can be integrated in a controlled way to deliver that next step of incremental improvement.

The process owner instantly receives an alert to the new idea and can then act on it. Should the suggestion prove valuable, then the process owner can implement the idea confident that all this rich change information is being safely locked into the changelog for the process.

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Easy Employee Engagement

From the simple to work user interface to the pricing model applied, GENEO has been designed with inclusion and engagement as a primary objective.

Allow operators and frontline staff to record ideas, or even experiment and apply changes to process documents, safe in the knowledge that all change is strictly governed before becoming visible to the wider organisation.

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Simple Compliance

Managing your standardised work through GENEO will delight your regulator or QMS auditor.

  • Rapidly Locate Documentation
  • Demonstrate Controlled Visibility
  • No Uncontrolled Change
  • Only Latest Live Versions Available to the Business
  • Full Version history
  • Competency Management
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