Build the best Work Instructions using GEN-OPs1

GEN-OPs1, an enterprise platform for writing, controlling, sharing and improving work instructions for the workplace.
We take away the complexity so you can write brilliant standardised work to use digitally or on paper.

Create, Share, Govern, Control, Comply

GEN-OPs1 caters for all your needs when creating Work Instructions for the workplace. From creation to archiving, GEN-OPS1 empowers your teams to create brilliant standards, share best practice and continuous improvement. Start creating your digital twin with GEN-OPs1.

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Create your work instructions in half the time with our easy interface
Share best practice across your organisation
Stay in absolute control with our agile governance
Never lose sight of changes with our versioning system
Improve compliance and quality with our competency tracking and process confirmation
Re-balance workload against demand with drag and drop
Link critical documentation and never lose sight of critical changes
Capture concerns and ideas for improvement

Do what you do best, we will do the rest

You focus on writing the best work instructions for your customer quality, people’s safety and productivity whilst we take care of the brutally boring yet essential governance, versioning, archiving, formatting, positioning, templating.
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