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2 November, 2015

Happy days

Having a good day everyday is not beyond your reach.

We’ve all had one of those shifts when everything comes together – we aren’t starved of material, no equipment break-downs, we have a full crew and Bob is on OP70 – and we really ‘nail it’! There are ‘high-fives’

15 December, 2015

Continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement is fast becoming limited to solving a problem and its root cause. We need to stop this from happening.

Who decided in their wisdom that Continuous Improvement is to be limited to a problem?   Why can’t someone just have a great idea?I was in session the other day when some delegates were being trained on this subject of

2 July, 2015

Is velocity unsafe?

CLIENT: You are asking us to rush.  It’s unsafe.


ME: No, not at all.  I want the product to move faster on its journey to the customer.


CLIENT: You ask for more urgency.


ME: Yes


CLIENT: This could be dangerous. It could lead

2 July, 2015

61.8? You must be barking mad!

Is it really possible to get an average of 61.8 ideas per annum from each and every one of your employees?
Robinson and Schroeder wrote a great article on Continuous Improvement called ‘The Role of Front-Line Ideas in Lean Performance

10 December, 2015

Overhaul OEE

Overall equipment effectiveness could be a misleading name for the tool. It sort of suggests looking at the bigger picture. Ironically OEE is more effective when focussed. We hear it many times – “the devil is in the detail”. But you can only really ‘see’ the detail when you actually go and look.

Why is OEE so abused in many of our operations where, despite expensive software ‘solutions’, we can find lots of data but very little useful information? Why do so many managers ask for the ‘overall OEE’ for their whole

27 November, 2015

Problem solving with velocity

We all have the ability to solve problems. We all do it everyday and leaders need to remember this. They should empower their employees, train them in formal problem solving techniques, and tap that fertile resource to bring back problem solving with velocity.

This may sound unpopular but having seen the approach to problem solving in organisations lately, it strikes me that we have forgotten how to problem solve.  Worse case we, as leaders, are the architects for the disempowerment of our

2 July, 2015

The power of flow

When I started my career in British Aerospace we did a very simple simulation using a 3 pin plug to demonstrate the power of one piece flow.  I was always amazed when facilitating the 4 hour session how you