5 Guiding principles Part Three – Respect

Leaders may have been conditioned to the expectation of being able to make constant withdrawals from the Respect Bank, regardless of the amount of credit they may have accrued. My experience shows this currency to be highly volatile and may depreciate rapidly, dependant on the behaviours of account holders.

Is your business ready for Lean?

So you’re thinking of Going Lean? Great, but are you really ready? ‘Going Lean’ is less about identifying the right tools to help you bring improvements to operations and processes, and more about knowing you have the willingness across all levels to create the right culture.

Overhaul OEE

Overall equipment effectiveness could be a misleading name for the tool. It sort of suggests looking at the bigger picture. Ironically OEE is more effective when focussed. We hear it many times – “the devil is in the detail”. But you can only really ‘see’ the detail when you actually go and look.

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