Why GENEO Are Your Ideal Digital Twin

Our Software, Consultation, and Training teams all live, breathe, and deliver transitional success. Find out why we think we are your ideal Lean partner.

Who Are GENEO?

Meet the GENEO team of Software Developers, Lean Consultants, and Lean Trainers

The Complete Approach To Lean

We at GENEO are a combined Lean Software, Lean Consulting Agency, and Lean Training Coordinators. Our enterprise-level services are crafted by our dedicated team of experienced practitioners of the lean operating model.

We are a transformational team of software engineers, lean consultants, and training professionals who are helping companies across the world to transform their businesses.

Our Core Values

Building success for your company based on our core principles

At GENEO we practice what we preach. We believe in the Lean Operating Model and have based our core values and processes upon it, leading to continued success for the companies we partner and twin with.
  • We believe our success is down to our people, our vision and our approach
  • We are committed professionals with a passion for Lean and transformational change
  • We are adaptable, having operated in many different sectors
  • We are practical; we get things done
  • We are capable and experienced in our field
  • We believe our services offer a broader scope for meeting our client’s needs
  • We are client focussed and deliver a system that meets the needs of clients
  • And lastly, we deliver results: culturally, operationally and financially

Meet The Team

Believers of Living Lean

Our people believe in our values, and their belief is the key to the success of all our work, from software creation to consulting and training. They’re passionate about what they do and live to be Lean.

We recognise that Lean is about people more than anything else, which is why we put our people at the heart of our methods of success and strive to help them to be as successful as possible.

Our experience stretches back across two decades of hands-on Lean Management and Lean Consulting, starting with the founders of GENEO Software and Consulting, Mark Radley and Tim King.

What We Offer

Choose a service which brings Lean to your company


From experience, we know “Where there is no standard there can be no kaizen”. We have channelled our knowledge and expertise in Lean to create a unique platform to create, authorise, govern and track Standard Work.

GENEO Software has made the lean operating model an easier to achieve reality for companies across several sectors thanks to improved standardised work (SOP) creation, document management, and regulated governance.


Our team of Lean Consultants have decades of experience across a range of industry sectors.

Sustainability is our mantra. To establish lasting change we must first build change.

Our risk-prevention method of improvement begins by enabling change through teaching the Lean Method to the leadership of your company. By reviewing the principles of Lean, its benefits and consequences, we can avoid expensive mistakes before full operational deployment.

Our extensive resources and experience will provide the full learning experience your organisation needs to internalise the diagnosis process to see where opportunities for improvement are found.

We will demonstrate by ‘doing’ and building a model for your business which your leadership and workforce can earn from. This model will relate to your company’s needs and the important needs of your clients.

Finally, our lean consultants will help move your company from the initial model, to a safe pilot, and to a broader deployment. Whilst regularly challenging, our developed and proven strategies will enable a rapid deployment without compromising on the pilot or established standards.


GENEO’s Lean Training team have enabled continuous improvement across several sectors and in a long list of countries.

Either in-house or within the GENEO training centre, our training experts are able to walk your leadership through the concept, implementation, and successes of the Lean Methods of continual success.

Our coaching sessions are available across a range of durations, from singular day training course to five-day boot camps.

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