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Accessing Workplace Standards



Welcome to my-CI’s accessing standards feature


Access is now as simple as ABC. Or is it 123?

  • Standards
  • Work instructions
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Code of practice


my-CI has powerful problem-solving and ideas generation functionality to help us improve but we will need rock and roll standards to underpin the good work. And the last thing we want to do is hide those well-honed, beautifully crafted standards away in some filing cupboard or crusty old document management system.  No, we must set them free. They must see the daylight of the workplace, to be free to help us comply and be better!


We know how much effort goes into writing good standardized work and capturing all the rich information for safety, quality and productivity. None of that effort should be lost or hidden. So, time to shine with my-CIs accessing standards feature.


With these simple steps you can get the most from your brilliant standards:

  1. Load your standards into my-CI
  2. Generate a QR code
  3. Now, scan and go!

Load your standards


my-CI’s location and functions tree provides a home for your well crafted standards.  All you have to do is load them into the app, nest them in the right location, and then the magic can happen.


If you are worried about how good your standards are and whether they are fit for purpose, don’t worry.  Click on this link, and we will take you to our sister app, where we can fix that right away.


Once loaded, your standard will get its own id in my-CI that keeps it safe and ready to access.

Generate a QR code


OK, now here’s the fun part.  Once in the my-CI app you can generate a QR code for the standard you want to see in the workplace. 


Just follow these steps and you are in control:

  1. Access the standard in the location tree
  2. Click the QR code generator
  3. Print the QR code that has been generated
  4. Post it in the workplace
  5. Now scan it every time you want to do some coaching

Scan and go


Here are a few applications for this feature:

Scenario 1

Imagine you are in the workplace. It’s been a hectic week. You’ve had a couple of new starters in the area and want to ensure everything is running smoothly. You could run upstairs and get the training files, but they may take some time to locate. So instead, reach for your smartphone, scan the QR code above the workstation, and, hey presto! There’s that beautiful standard. Now we can do a quick process confirmation, give some encouragement, coaching, and development and move on to the next job.

Scenario 2

You need to do a spot check on the quality at the end of the line. Scan the QR code for the quality control standard, do your checks and be on your way.

Scenario 3

You need access to the 5S standard for the area. By the time you have read this sentence, you could have accessed it in the app.



It’s never been easier to stay on top of things with my-CI’s access to standards functionality.

  • Standards nested in the right location and function ready for action
  • Go paperless! Digital access to the right standard
  • QR codes make it easy to provide access in the most tricky of places
  • Keep on top of your quality and safety with easy access to process confirmations
  • Standards are alive and well in the workplace!

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