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Training Lean Leaders for Success

Bring Lean Principles and management techniques to your leadership team

Benefits of Lean Leadership Training

Our Lean leadership training courses are designed to provide delegates with the best outcomes in gaining traction with the deployment of continuous improvement.

You can expect the following from our Lean Leadership training:


  • Clarity of the Lean Operating System and how to deploy across your enterprise
  • Acceleration of change through the understanding of behaviours that foster performance and continuous improvement
  • Clarity of roles in leadership supporting change
  • The best way to deploy the principles of Lean, securing accelerated change

Train your leadership and workforce to be lean

Choose a Lean Training Course

Our Lean Training Experts are at hand

Five-Day Boot Camp

Immerse your leaders in the origins of the Lean Operating System and learn the full impact of the principles with our practical, fun and ever so demanding simulation.  Over the course of the 5 days, delegates will understand how the operating system is designed to function and also explore the requisite leadership behaviours and values needed to sustain a continuous improvement culture.

Three-Day Boot Camp

The three-day boot camp is aimed at executives with busy diaries who cannot be unglued from operations for more than 72 hours. With an intensive agenda covering the origins of the Lean Operating System and the cultural imperative behind the success of continuous improvement, delegates will emerge equipped with a clear roadmap of how to launch, support, sponsor and lead Lean in today’s world.

One-Day Boot Camp

A fun one-day event crammed with practical learning of the Lean Operating System. This course is designed for delegates setting out on the Lean journey who need an understanding of how the system works and the interdependencies of the principles.  A great starter for all levels of your business.

Four-Hour Bootcamp

Get ready for a whirlwind half-day event that provides delegates with the basics of the Lean Operating System.  This is a wonderful starter boost for all delegates about to launch Lean.

Continuous Improvement Leadership Academy (CILA)

Our CILA event is a training course split into three phases which explores the leadership behaviours of the Lean Operating System and how they boost operational performance.

Week 1 – Explore principles of the Lean Operating System and perform Go Look See activities to understand the true reality of performance. Perform a Current State Map of chosen product streams. Explore the impact of Information Centres (policy deployment, escalation and continuous improvement).

Week 2 – After a short break we return for week two to build Future State Maps, Information Centres and 90 Day Plans for the team going forward.

Ongoing Coaching – To assist the teams with any obstacles they may face with the 90 Day plan and the Target Condition (Future State), we provide coaching support for the team.

GENEO’s team have an ROI averaging 4:1 with its CILA events.

How Lean Training Has Helped Lead Improvements

Help your company to become the next Lean Management success story

Case Study

Continuous Improvement Leadership Academy

Our client wanted to re-align the site’s leadership team’s perception of what Lean consisted of, re-ignite their thinking on behaviours required to support improvement.

By Week 2 of the CILA, the site had created a Target Condition Future State that fully redesigned the product flow that surpassed budgeted performance savings for the year by 14%.

A framework for an escalation process for continuous improvement was embedded enabling problem solving and ideas generation to accelerate by 300+%.


Train your leadership and workforce to be lean

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