Got a thumb?

Want to do some game-changing CI?
Talk to us, we have the app you need.

Discover a library of useful reference information, templates, videos and downloads to keep you on top of your CI game

  • A pocket library for your operating system
  • Download forms, templates and field guides
  • Spark the interest of your leaders with quizzes
  • Share updates with ease and save the trees
  • Receive regular updates from the GENEO Lean community

Access training videos to coach and train your lean leaders

  • Bitesize learning chunks to support you every step of the way
  • Use GENEO’s generic library of training videos
  • Create and upload your own video content
  • Rapidly share critical changes to operating conditions

Perform Go Look Sees and capture your observations in real-time

  • A powerful coaching tool for you as a leader. The start of your kata journey
  • Capture your Go Look See findings in real time using the structured methodology
  • Generate reports and powerful analytics
  • Generate actions and raise concerns

Check your progress using the operating system roadmap

Our Road Map is a thumb tap away

  • Customise the Roadmap for your operating system
  • Assess the health of your operating system
  • Generate an assessment report to share
  • Generate actions for 90 plans

Instant access to all your standards

  • Use the search feature or simply scan a QR code
  • Stay compliant and access latest live standards only
  • Access videos to see the one best way
  • Integrated QR code generator for ease of deployment

Our other software offerings

Build the Best and Most Brilliant Standards
Critical path management with short interval control
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