Seven, eight, nine… What a waste


Seven, eight, nine… What a waste

How many wastes are there? Ah well, good question.

The eighth is commonly defined as human capital or not involving people. Fair enough, I get that but should it be classified as a waste in this sense?

Other candidates are: unsafe acts, wasted opportunities and my favourite, the waste of positive energy.

Sometimes I wonder if I have walked into a quango committee’s Blue Sky workshop where at some point during the brainstorm this all made sense.

The point is, the seven wastes were carefully categorised in order to unleash the potential of the organisation, particularly the team members in the workplace adding the value in the process. The moment we start fiddling with the categories the less it starts to make sense to everybody.

For example, the popular eighth waste of ‘wasted human capital’, what exactly do we expect a team member to do about it other than recognise management has done a pretty poor job of building an operating system which allows them to engage?

My advice: stick to what works before tinkering with the fundamentals. Seven was good enough for Toyota to become the best at what they do. Let’s try and understand why that is before re-engineering something that works.  Mmm… Re-engineering. Now I wonder whether that could be the tenth…

Reduce maintenance turnaround time by 50%!
  • TEMPO is a system that has been developed to radically reduce the time taken to perform complex maintenance activities on fixed assets or fleet. It is a simple yet intelligent way of organizing your maintenance activities to complete the maintenance turnaround in half the time.
  • By organizing work sequences for trades/technicians and building critical paths and dependencies, TEMPO quickly highlights lost time opportunities in the overall planned turnaround.
  • Applying standard work instructions with step-by-step guides for process confirmation, TEMPO visualizes real-time progress for short interval control, providing instant decision making to maintain compliance to plan.
  • By using TEMPO to plan and execute complex maintenance turnarounds our clients have achieved 50%+ reduction in downtime, giving a 10%+ improvement in fleet availability.
Reduce maintenance backlog by 60%!
  • Unlock valuable maintenance time and use it to reduce chronic backlogs or stubborn deferred defects.
  • Give technicians more time for proactive interventions.
Improve asset reliability by 18%!
  • Enjoy the knock-on benefit of backlog clearance and proactive activities, improving the reliability of your assets.
Increase continuous improvement engagement by 180%!
  • TEMPO’s easy-to-use Concerns and Ideas capture feature engages technicians in driving improvements that help improve turnarounds, reliability, and availability
  • Identify the classic wastes (transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over processing, over production, defect) in relation to your maintenance activities.
  • Expose supply chain, kitting, resourcing, workplace organization, sequencing, tooling, and planning opportunities for review through TEMPO’s powerful reporting feature.
  • Analyze the hour-by-hour compliance to plan with the associated losses incurred throughout the turnaround event.
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