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GENEO's team of consultants are involved in Lean interventions globally, with scopes covering Operating System design and implementation through to client recoveries. Our Lean improvement consulting services ensure each customer gets the very best value from our support. That is to say; there are no cookie-cutter solutions to change. As such, we recognize that every company is unique.



Lean is about culture

GENEO's consultants are experienced with leading change in organisations. We understand the importance of bringing the operation with us on the journey to ensure sustained success . Geneo follow a principle-based implementation of the Lean operating system to get the stickiness needed to build on early changes in the workplace.

We are big advocates of Kotter as a guiding principle for making significant change.  The 8 step Kotter model provides a useful gate-keeping approach to monitoring and driving the pace and scale of activity.




Lean Diagnostic Services

Discover your full potential with GENEO's Lean diagnostic, an in depth discovery of the hidden wastes preventing you from reaching your goals.

Understanding the Current State

We co-build comprehensive Current State Maps that provide a common understanding of where the waste is lurking in your value streams. We map the process, information and material flows alongside your key people and pass on the expertise to replicate the exercise in the future. Every mapping exercise, current or future, is a coaching opportunity.

  • Listen to the voice of the customer
  • Map the process flow, information flow and material flow
  • Find the true capacity of the value stream
  • Capture the wastes
  • Discover the process lead time for products


Understand Leadership Capability

It is vital to understand the leadership capability in the team.  GENEO's Lean assessment includes appraisals of the problem solving and coaching capability in the leadership team.  Securing Future States will require managers capable of coaching and developing others. Our Lean assessment helps discover the potential gaps in readiness for future action.

Building the Future State

Future States - or Target Conditions - emerge from detailed, well-crafted Current State Maps.  We conduct a series of workshops to craft Future States that embrace the Lean principles and, by design, banish waste.

  • Build an Ideal Future State - reach out beyond the boundaries of current thinking to the art of the possible
  • Build Interim Future States (Target Conditions) to step change the Value Stream and harness potential
    • Let flow be the driver
    • Crush bottlenecks
    • Wrap the future state in the Lean Operating System

90 Day Plans- let's go!

To springboard from Current State to Interim Future State, GENEO will help you build a robust 90 Day plan. With a strong emphasis on building PDCA into milestone management, your team will have the best start out of the blocks possible.

Contact us to book a diagnostic



Lean Operating Systems

Its all in the design

We will help you co-design your operating system to best suit your business.  Geneo will act as guardians of the over-arching Lean principles to ensure sustainability.  We will challenge thinking, call out paradigms and call for change where it is needed.  Above all, we will listen and not ignore.  Once we have established the DNA of your operating system, we can embark on fleshing out the systems and tools required to bring your operating system to life.

  • Define the operating system principles
  • Define the models and systems
  • Build principle documents
  • Run leadership workshops
  • Run launch events and media campaigns



The Deep and the Wide

Once the design is complete, GENEO can help bring the Operating System to life through the Deep and Wide deployment strategy to maximise returns and ensure the change being advocated sticks. The Deep and Wide approach provides a roadmap of implementation, helping to carve out what can be done company-wide, at pace and what must be built in-depth to ensure success before deploying further.


The Wide

Engagement Centres are a common WIDE deployment theme in most Operating Systems. Engagement Centres provide a solid starting point for any deployment as they drive alignment and actions / improvements within their sphere of accountability.  Small yet fast paced incremental changes can be made, bringing engagement and momentum from the vital first-line community. Engagement Centres expose areas where stubborn issues reside in the value stream.

The key to this aspect of the WIDE strategy is to embrace flow; drive velocity of product toward the customer, and corral all functions into this mindset. Without flow as our key principle, we can spend time and money on initiatives that do not necessarily move the performance needle. So, Engagement Centres and flow need to feature in your Wide strategy.

The Deep 

The DEEP represents any aspect of the operating system that may present a risk of failure in the Operating system where consequences can have an impact on the balance sheet.  Stubborn problems affecting performance - usually exposed through your Engagement Centres and Value Stream Mapping - are the focus of the DEEP activities.  We will work with your internal teams to build the appropriate Lean principles, systems and tools to overcome these chronic issues.

In summary, the WIDE gives us momentum, exposing and working on things with inclusivity using Engagement Centres and Value Stream Mapping as our anchor points.  These provide rapid improvements and self-funds our operating system deployment.  The DEEP builds a more comprehensive DNA for your Lean Operating System centred on stubborn, costly issues affecting business performance.  This way we win both ways, we solve big issues by building capability in your teams and building a comprehensive operating system.


Lean 100 Day Turnarounds

As the permacrisis continues, GENEO  offers its support to companies struggling with the difficult headwinds. When it looks like there are fewer choices and cost cutting feels like a death from a thousand cuts, we can help present alternative views. With a desire to see companies succeed, a Lean reset can help provide vital breathing space to make the right decisions for operations.

Far too often the answer from the C Suite is to cut costs with sweeping measures across departments that can, in fact, harm the value stream and, ultimately, the customer.  GENEO is ready to help make the right calls in these difficult economic circumstances. 

  • Rapid assessment of current state
  • 100 day plan for turnaround Target Condition
  • Short interval control 


GENEO has a strong history of stepping into difficult scenarios and helping senior leadership teams carve a path to survival. 

When times are tough and you are looking for help, contact us.


Continuous Improvement Leadership Academy (CILA)

The Lean Mindset for Coaching Improvement

This Lean leadership course changes the mindset of an operations leadership team.  The CILA agenda is built to break current paradigms, activate self-reflection on behaviours, and launch change for the better using the 6 Leadership Actions. 


"The CILA intervention came just when we needed it.  We learned a great deal about ourselves and the shadow of the leader in this last phase of the course.  The great thing is we can already see the difference in the field. Its theory put into practice right before your eyes. Brilliant."

Royal Mail, Mail Centre Manager



GENEO's Lean Improvement Consulting services are enhanced when used in conjunction with our powerful Lean SaaS platforms that expose waste, stimulate continuous improvement contributions and establish stability with a powerful standardized work instruction platform. For more information, see the links below:

  1. TEMPO (waste reduction in maintenance execution)
  2. myCI (continuous improvement coordination)
  3. GEN-OPS1 (standardized work instruction authoring and control)

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Reduce maintenance turnaround time by 50%!
  • TEMPO is a system that has been developed to radically reduce the time taken to perform complex maintenance activities on fixed assets or fleet. It is a simple yet intelligent way of organizing your maintenance activities to complete the maintenance turnaround in half the time.
  • By organizing work sequences for trades/technicians and building critical paths and dependencies, TEMPO quickly highlights lost time opportunities in the overall planned turnaround.
  • Applying standard work instructions with step-by-step guides for process confirmation, TEMPO visualizes real-time progress for short interval control, providing instant decision making to maintain compliance to plan.
  • By using TEMPO to plan and execute complex maintenance turnarounds our clients have achieved 50%+ reduction in downtime, giving a 10%+ improvement in fleet availability.
Reduce maintenance backlog by 60%!
  • Unlock valuable maintenance time and use it to reduce chronic backlogs or stubborn deferred defects.
  • Give technicians more time for proactive interventions.
Improve asset reliability by 18%!
  • Enjoy the knock-on benefit of backlog clearance and proactive activities, improving the reliability of your assets.
Increase continuous improvement engagement by 180%!
  • TEMPO’s easy-to-use Concerns and Ideas capture feature engages technicians in driving improvements that help improve turnarounds, reliability, and availability
  • Identify the classic wastes (transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over processing, over production, defect) in relation to your maintenance activities.
  • Expose supply chain, kitting, resourcing, workplace organization, sequencing, tooling, and planning opportunities for review through TEMPO’s powerful reporting feature.
  • Analyze the hour-by-hour compliance to plan with the associated losses incurred throughout the turnaround event.
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