We built TEMPO to drive performance in fleet maintenance and any significant downtime event.

  • We believe every maintenance input is an opportunity to improve
  • We believe critical paths can be crushed without compromising quality
  • We believe maintenance can kick goals and win
  • We believe maintenance planners and technicians have untapped ideas that can make a real difference to the field of operations
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Short Interval Control Made Easy


Build critical path plans and templates for maintenance inputs against a takt.


Generate hourly counts for Short Interval Control of maintenance input.


Status at a glance - by individual asset and by fleet/wider assets.
Escalation process for deviation from plan.


Review maintenance execution.
Continuously Improve the plan.

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Acting on the performance

Hourly data reports
Productivity reporting
Adherence to schedule and sequencing
Historic performance reporting by asset and waste
Ability to refine the critical path
Develop muscle memory with templates for maintenance campaigns


Increased backlog input through accuracy of timings
Work sequence planning defines resource requirements accurately
Planners plan the critical path
20% time reduction on planning activity
Standard Work defined and balanced to takt

Check (SIC)

Ability for status at a glance by asset and at fleet level - enables early interventio
Collaboration between planning, execution and business improvement
Improved load capacity management

Maintenance Execution

Improved MTTR & MTBF
Bay time reduction - up to 23%
Improved layout based on changes to work sequence
Engagement of technicians in logging problems, generating ideas and determining work sequence
Improved SIC and escalation
Improved layout based on changes to work sequence
Improved One Best Way and adherence to work sequence
Adherence to drumbeat
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Do what you do best, we will do the rest

You focus on writing the best work instructions for your customer quality, people’s safety and productivity whilst we take care of the brutally boring yet essential governance, versioning, archiving, formatting, positioning, templating.
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