What Is The Purpose of Visual Factory and 5S?

 The purpose of Visual Factory and 5S – See the problems.

With Visual Factory and 5S, an organisation can understand the status of operations immediately and identify deviations from standard ‘at a glance’ without the need for an investigation.

Visual Factory and 5S provides the operations with a simple method of ensuring effective processes by minimising the wastes of waiting, over-processing, motion and transport.

5S is not to be confused with house-keeping.  It is a method for enabling value add in the workplace.


Benefits of Visual Factory and 5S

  • Minimises lost time in wasteful activities
  • Supports the CI thinking way
  • Gives visibility to potential problems before they become critical problems
  • Improves safety in operations with workplace organisation
  • Pride and ownership in the workplace
  • Builds trust with the customer and shareholders

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This page was written by Mark Radley in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.
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