What Is Effective Training?

Effective Training

Training all maintenance staff in the practice of productive maintenance.


Effective training is aimed at developing operators in basic maintenance activities for early detection of problems and the development of the central maintenance in appropriate maintenance techniques to support Planned Maintenance.

A transfer from ‘know what’ to ‘know how’.

Graphic showing the Effective Training pillar of the TPM model


  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved availability of assets
  • Engaged operators and artisans

Effective Training in Autonomous Maintenance

Operators trained by Maintenance to perform basic maintenance activities

    • Cleaning equipment
    • Inspecting Equipment
    • Greasing equipment
    • Basic replacement of spares and consumables
    • Repeatable autonomous maintenance process
  • Autonomous Maintenance is based on Standardised Work and SOPs. Maintenance support the creation of these documents with A&I.
  • Operators trained in the basic characteristics of assets and its condition for performance by maintenance

Effective training in Central Maintenance

  • OEM training in asset care
  • Maintenance strategies as appropriate – condition based monitoring, reliability centred maintenance, et al

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This page was written by Bob Newton in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.

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