What Is Early Equipment Management?

Early Equipment Management

The process of influencing OEM design to ensure Design for Maintenance and Design for Production.

Purpose of Early Equipment Management

To influence the development of future assets to improve performance using local, practical knowledge gained by maintenance and operations.


Graphic showing the Early Equipment Management pillar of the TPM model


Benefits of Early Equipment Management

  • Simplification of maintenance activities
  • Assets designed for maintenance and operation
  • Reduced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and Planned Maintenance time
  • Experience and Learning is captured through the Continuous Improvement process
  • Equipment Standards are clear to ensure that new equipment procurement does not allow old problems to re-appear on new equipment and processes
  • Installation and commissioning is a critical part of the TPM process to validate new equipment and process ensuring that Standards are met and operational parameters can be achieved.
  • Reduced lead time from design to installation
  • Reduced operating cost through the life of asset

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This page was written by Bob Newton in February 2018. Due for review in 2019.
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