How To Improve Standardised Work

Improve Standardised Work

Standardised Work provides a baseline to adhere to until a change for the better is incorporated.  In the process, a new standard will emerge that has improved Safety, Quality, Delivery, or Cost.  The process to improve standardised work is as follows:

Improvement Steps for Standardised Work

The improvement steps are followed by the team and team leader.

  1. Identify the waste and suggested improvement
  2. Quantify the impact of the idea
  3. Develop a plan of implementation
  4. Implement the idea
  5. Confirm the idea is working and standardise
  6. Share the benefits

For a more detailed explanation of the six steps see CI Strips

Graphic showing the CI model and the guiding principles


Standardise the improvement – Once verified as successful the idea is then incorporated in the new standard that is then authorised.

Train the team in the change  – The teams / shifts are then trained in the change for consistency.

Share the benefit – Where possible, the standardised work improvement should be shared across sister processes along with the standard.


  • The ideas may accrue over a certain period (weeks) as the team and supervisor formulates the hypothesis. However, this should not be longer than 4 weeks.
  • Ideas should not be left unevaluated for more than one week
  • The check cycle for the effectiveness of the idea is at the discretion of the supervisor and superintendent with the support of A&I.
  • The new standard must be operational from the moment of acceptance
  • Training must be immediate with the change


  • A version history of changes is kept in archive for traceability and learning
  • Ability to revert to previous standard if required
  • Shared JES are used where possible to minimise burden of work and generate a bank of best practice steps to be incorporated into the Standardised Work
  • Graphics and photographs are incorporated wherever possible

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This page was written by Mark Radley in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.

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