What Are X Tables?

X Tables

X Tables is a tool that provides the framework for a structured dissemination of the organisation’s breakthrough strategies. It is expected that there will be an executive level matrix and that derivatives emerge (with the agreement of the executive team) as it is deployed throughout the organisation.


X Tables provide a simple understanding of the company strategies and enable the whole organisation to evaluate and define their areas of contribution to those strategies. The matrix drives and records the first 5 of the 7-step Policy Deployment process, delivering a thoroughly evaluated (top-down direction and bottom-up planning) ‘P’ stage of the PDCA cycle that includes ownership and resource requirements.


  • Acts as a document that provides a short and clear visual definition of the company strategies – ideal to display in all information centres – a plan on a page
  • Ensures alignment of initiatives
  • Generates a view on how balanced across operations the initiatives are, how well resourced and focussed at each level
  • Creates an environment where leaders can make good decisions quickly
  • Is a simple and effective means of developing individual and team accountability throughout the organisation
  • Provides the basis for discussion both up and down through the company hierarchy
  • Provides leaders with a ‘starting-point’ for discussion with their teams when engaging in ‘go-look-see’ walks

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This page was written by Bob Newton in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.

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