What Are 90 Day Plans?

90 Day Plans


Every employee aligned to the vision and implementing the plan to achieve it


The purpose of Policy Deployment is to align the organisation to its mission and goals using transparent methods of communication and planning.


  • Aligned organisation, one vision, shared goals
  • Improvement is aligned to the overall strategy
  • Everyone engaged in the process of achieving the goals
  • Align the goals and objectives of the company from Level 5 to Level 1

90 Day Plan 3

Purpose of 90 Day Plans

The purpose of the 90 Day Plan is to convert the long term strategic plans into a 90 Day drumbeat to secure the vision. It is designed to:

  • Provide clarity of purpose for the teams at each level to generate effective plans of action in the 90 Day plan
  • Escalate difficulties with execution of the plan
  • Provide transparency of the impact of the plan in the performance section of the Information Centre
  • Drive velocity in the planning and execution of improvements
  • Provide ‘status at a glance’ from top to bottom on progress of the plan

Lean Leadership in 90 Day Plans

The role of leaders is to ensure the following:

  • Manage the cascade of objectives and the feedback loop of ideas and concerns to meet the objectives
  • Ensure the entire workforce has the opportunity to feed into the 90 Day plan
  • Build an executable plan
  • Drive accountability of actions in the teams

90 Day – Process

graphic showing the details of a 90 day plan



Three Aspects to 90 Day Plans

The 90 Day Planning process is a continuum of three activities:

  • Planning the 90 Day Plans
  • Formulating the 90 Day Plans
  • Executing the 90 Day Plans

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This page was written by Bob Newton in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.

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