What Is New Product Introduction?

New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction ensures a product reaches the market, matching the customer specification through a process of rapid prototyping in conjunction with operations.

New Product Introduction follows a product from the concept stages through to run at rate in production, ensuring the best quality product at the lowest possible cost.

The following macro stages cover the New Product Introduction process.

  1. Product Evaluation – understanding the quality and cost requirements, potential make or buy strategy and product  specifications
  2. Concept Defined – manufacturing plans in place, product targets, care plan
  3. Product Development – Process design, quality planning, process mapping, process validation
  4. Pre-Launch – Define materials, Standard Operating Procedures, logistics, pilot, training
  5. Launch – ramp up


Failure Mode Effect Analysis is about designing quality into a process by a disciplined Critical to Quality (CTQ) flow-down of customer requirements ensuring that each and every one are statistically capable of being produced.

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This page was written by Bob Newton in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.

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