What Is Modular Design?

Modular Design – future proofing operations

Modular Design is the future proofing of processes against the additional cost of re-design to cope with production changes in volumes, specification or quality.  Far too often, assets, layouts and engineering thinking can constrain the agility of an organisation when future changes arise.

Far too often engineering will reach for complex, multi-functional equipment that seems attractive for the versatility it may bring to the operation but ignore the difficulties it may bring in other aspects, such as flow.  Big and complex may not be the answer.  Smaller with singular functionality may mean more flexibility when it comes to running the value stream.

Modular Design is about looking for a balance between complexity, technological advances and simplicity of flow to ensure operating costs and flow are considered in the purchasing choice.


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This page was written by Bob Newton in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.

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