What Are Breakthrough Workshops?

Breakthrough Workshops


The purpose of the breakthrough workshop is to address issues affecting the performance of the area that requires leader led problem solving to resolve critical issues affecting core KPIs.


  • Leaders seen as coaches and leading by example in the workplace
  • Promoting the continuous improvement culture (PDCA)
  • Developing team members in resolving complex issues
  • Learning organisation
  • No blame culture

Breakthrough Workshops are an adrenaline charged event lasting between 5-10 days.  Breakthroughs follow the same PDCA methodology as Kaizen Blitz’s, in other words, the PDCA cycle of improvement. The Breakthrough Workshops follows the TPS principle of ‘by invitation’ from the team, as seen with Jishuken workshops.  These are not development workshop for leaders although that can be an outcome, but more an event for the team to challenge their own paradigms concerning the process.

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This page was written by Bob Newton in February 2018.
Due for review in 2019.
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