What Are Quality Loops?

Quality Loops


The purpose of Quality Loops is to generate a gateway system (a customer quality filter) within the critical path of the product to ensure the organisation meets its customer SLA requirements. It is the quality conscience of the organisation.

Quality Loops drive accountability among the teams for inspecting quality into the process, a check for confirming quality, before passing the product on to the next customer in the process and ultimately the customer.

Quality Loops 1 – The workstation.  Physical confirmation in station that the work has been done to match the quality requirements

Quality Loops 2 – Inspection of the work before leaving the line or area

Quality Loops 3 – Final Inspection before leaving the facility


  • Protect the customer
  • Control in real-time through line feedback loop
  • Immediate feedback from customer to the operation


graphic showing how quality is confirmed using quality loops


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