Getting Mugged (Geneo Software)


Today I spent a couple of hours with Chris Rawlins, an entrepreneur in retail. You might describe him more as a man on a mission to demonstrate how, through thoughtful leadership, companies can help disadvantaged youngsters gain employment in the community.

SoFab Sports started a sports shop in Gloucester specifically to help disadvantaged youngsters and so far they have managed to provide employment for 3 people and have plans to grow beyond 12.

What I did not realise is that GENEO Software plays a part in Chris’s mission. Chris did and happily spelled it out for me: “help me build great standards, Radley”

If our system can create clear standards for these kids to follow and build their confidence and capability in performing their tasks running the sports shop then GENEO really has done its job.

So the deal has been struck. I was mugged, sandbagged, or whatever the sporting term is but somehow it felt good. I also have 150 GENEO coffee mugs on order being manufactured in Gloucester by Sofab staff. You see what I mean about being mugged?

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