Financial instability, such as the 2008 recession, presents treacherous waters for companies both new and old. We at GENEO have helped companies to navigate these waters and overcome their most significant operational challenges.

Our expert lean consultants help transform operations from a loss to profit by working alongside the operating teams at all levels to contain the losses and build countermeasures.

Our rapid diagnostic approach helps to stem losses – built upon 90-to-100 day recovery plans – building Interim States for the medium term, and Strategic Blueprints for the long term.

Trialled and perfected transformation method

GENEO has developed a unique deployment model to accelerate your Lean transformation. Contact us to understand how GENEO can help boost your Lean transformation.

Continual success stories

GENEO continues to grow its business based on the great results we achieve with our clients. No engagement is ever the same, each one presenting a unique set of challenges for our team, challenges that we heartily accept and overcome jointly with our clients.

Leadership training

We are training leaders to make a difference by leading Lean with the appropriate behaviours to make a significant difference to their Continuous Improvement culture. It’s all about people and we are all about people.
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