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GENEO’s successful record of transformation in mining is amongst the industry’s strongest.

GENEO’s experience in mining now covers open pit, underground, processing and shipping, working with companies across the globe.



GENEO’s team of Lean experts are very much at home in the automotive sector. With a strong mix of ex-Toyota consultants, GENEO is well placed to help you with your Lean transformation.



GENEO fields a strong lean consulting team with a background in the Aerospace industry, covering OEM and the supply chain.

This experience includes Vice President-level for global companies in this often challenging, but growing industry.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Twenty years of experience in the field of food and beverage, packaging and processing are at your company’s disposal.

Our continual improvement training and long-term strategies will deliver the operational excellence your FMCG organisation deserves.



The Nuclear industry has a set of unique challenges when it comes to adopting a Lean Operating Model.

Our team of Lean consultants can help you navigate the introduction and adoption of the Lean principles to suit your company’s needs.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Whilst a newcomer to the Oil and Gas industry, our Lean Consulting team have already demonstrated a determined capacity to drive improvement.

If you are looking for a set of fresh eyes to assess your Lean approach and boost your deployment, contact us.


Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Maintenance has held a fascination with the GENEO team since the beginning of most of our careers (especially in the aerospace industry). It’s tough, complex, demanding and great fun.

With experience in AOG, ramp, light and heavy maintenance, and planning, GENEO can offer a wide range of Lean support for organisations looking to improve operations.



Our Lean Consultants have extensive experience in the marine sector. This experience covers shipbuilding, retro-fit, supply chain development, and product design.

We understand the unique environment that comes with operating in the marine sector and how to deliver value through Lean Operating System implementation.



GENEO’s experience also extends to the service sector. Our Lean team of experts has helped drive change with an array of service sector businesses.

With our comprehensive understanding of the driving forces in CSAT (customer satisfaction) we are able to help health, transport, energy, and contact centre services.

Our Lean approach suits all industries. To accomplish operational excellence we use the following processes for tranformational growth.

Rapid Turnaround Recovery Programmes (1st Survival, Medium Term, and Long-Term Strategies)

DFMEA / PFMEA Programmes

Takt change programmes

Lean Leadership Training

1st Tier Supply Chain Management

Value Stream Mapping and Flow Diagnostics

Fleet Optimisation

Total Productive Management (TPM) Improvement

Check Turnaround Reduction

90-Day Improvement Programmes.

Lean Operating System Implementation

Lean Logistics

TPM Programmes

A3 Problem Solving Campaigns

First Line Leadership Training

Hoshin / Policy Deployment

Buffer Management

Retail Shop Layout Design and Consultation

Warehouse Management Optimisation

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