4 September, 2015

Competence and Training


Understand the capability of your operators and plan accordingly

Staff Skills and Training

Keeping track of staff skills can be a HR headache, but is often crucial for maintaining standards and ensuring you meet your obligations as an employer, including risk assessments, and health and safety training. It can also be useful when it comes to identifying what additional support is available for different areas of your business.

This is where our innovative, dynamic Skills Matrix can help. The Skills Matrix is an accurate and informative visual aid that is automatically linked to standards within the system. It helps you to distribute your resources effectively, and identify your current and future training needs.

Service competency

Skills Matrix

Using the Skills Matrix, you can quickly and easily confirm what skills each member of staff has, how their training is progressing and whether there are any areas for concern.

You can make use of the default training level categories or set your own training levels. You also have the flexibility to create groups of users and give them whatever name you like.


Skills Matrix

Addressing Training Needs and Skills Gaps

When you want to discuss training needs or staff skills, you can either print off a copy of the Skills Matrix or bring it up on-screen. A quick and easy way to access and share all the information you need.