4 February, 2016

Services and Utilities

Services and Utilities companies can improve their net promoter score, employee satisfaction and compliance to regulatory standards.  All in one environment.

Empower your sales and service teams to deliver for the customer.

Use GENEO’s powerful standardised work software to generate meaningful and user friendly standard operating procedures (work instructions) to enable decision making and enhance first contact resolution.

Supporting First Contact Resolution

Customers have precious time on their hands and want issues resolving as quickly as possible.  It is an expectation of service in today’s hectic world.

Having well defined and easily accessible standard operating procedures to guide your team through the complexities of the customer journey –  minimising hand-offs or delays – is now possible with our powerful application.

Services and Utilities find themselves in the difficult world of the hidden factory.  The value stream is less tangible, the customer journey veiled by a complex arrangement of systems.  GENEO’s standardised work software helps your teams streamline the customer journey, make the right decisions for the customer and empower your frontline advisors.