4 February, 2016

Manufacturing and Production

The origins of the GENEO Software lie in supporting manufacturing and production organisations manage and sustain their standardised work, utilising the proven principles employed in the Toyota Production System.

Key to the successful use of standardised work is the ease with which the standards can be created and modified to keep pace with change.  Any standardised work initiative will fail early if those involved find the process, onerous and too time consuming.

Manufacturing and production organisations require agile systems to keep pace with NPI and functional continuous improvement.  The GENEO Software offers this agility – with control.

Typical approaches to Standardised Work make use of desktop systems to build the standards, mail boxes to manage the governance, and document control systems to handle versioning and access management.  This very quickly becomes unsustainable as high performing manufacturing and production organisations look to introduce new products, adopt new working practices and make frequent changes and improvements to work instructions.

Using GENEO to underpin your standardisation initiative typically reduces the effort required to generate and change standards by more than 50%; and will reduce the burden of governance by up to 80%.