30 March, 2016

Standardised Work Software

Sustain the gains with GENEO’s Lean Software – a web based application for your enterprise

Standardised Work Software

The GENEO Standardised Work Software helps organisations build, embed and sustain their Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions.

The software we have built will allow your company to easily create standardised work, SOPs and work instructions; manage them efficiently, and make maximum use of the information  they contain.


GENEO’s Standardised Work Software enables frontline staff to rapidly generate and control Standard Operating Procedures for continuous improvement. Value comes in many forms: safety, quality, cost, delivery, people and the environment, but no improvements can be sustained without a flexible platform to capture and control best practice.


Leveraging improvement across an organisation is now possible. Sharing a standard operating procedure or work instruction across sites can be done with ease whilst still providing the flexibility to devolve authorisations to local level if required.  Standardised Work becomes a powerful system for driving safety, quality and productivity across the business.


GENEO has developed the Standardised Work software for frontline staff. Less than 5% of an organisation are actively involved in developing standard operating procedures  and continuous improvement. GENEO has removed one of the significant barriers: complexity.


Managing the full cycle of change and improvement can now be done in one place. Leadership can enable staff to create and authorise, assign to a process flow, control competency and capture the training history. Also, on a micro level within the standardised work, teams can capture the one best way: the safest, most, quality assured and productive method, whilst benefiting from a knowledge management system for driving out waste.


Encourage controlled experimentation. Re-balance or re-sequence process flows across hundreds of standard operating procedures without fear of losing track.

Put your own ideas together and share it among your peers.


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Standardised Work Software

Sustain the gains with GENEO’s Lean Software – a web based application for your enterprise

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