4 February, 2016


GENEO has a pedigree in mining with successful projects in open pit, underground, processing and shipping. Mining, as with other industries, can benefit from Lean as an operating system to manage the flow of quality product from pit to port.

Our activities

  • Value Stream Mapping and diagnostics – Use our principle based diagnostic to understand where you are on your Lean journey or perform a value stream map from pit to port to establish where the value lies in your process. 
  • 90 Day programmes of improvement – injecting velocity into improvement activities to deliver results using 90 Day Plans can be key to matching volatile market changes.  GENEO can help your teams structure their improvement activities to make a rapid impact. 
  • Lean operating system implementation – figuring out the operating system for the mining operation and how Lean integrates with or replaces existing systems is key to providing clarity of purpose for leadership.
  • Lean Academy creation: curriculum and capability build – building internal capability for the organisation in order to deploy beyond pilots and create a sustained ‘way of working’ is key to the success of any Lean transformation.  GENEO’s Lean Practitioner Programme provides the momentum an organisation needs to change the DNA of the company.
  • Fleet optimisation – GENEO can help to optimise capacity in order for you to save on running costs.
  • Buffer management – understand how our approach to flow and the use of buffers can help reduce your process lead time in mining.
  • TPM programmes  – GENEO has a track record in reducing the maintenance burden in operations.  20% reductions achieved in shutdowns, maintenance inspections and PM activities in processing plants and fleet assets.
  • Problem solvingA3 problem solving campaigns across the value chain generate a healthy bow of problem resolution activities.  
  • 1st line supervisor training – deploy boot-camps for first line leadership in order to gain awareness of the Lean principles, problem solving, and performance management through short interval control.
  • Hoshin / Policy Deployment – GENEO can help you turn a vision for your mining company into a fully measurable deployment using x tables and 90 Day plans.