2 February, 2016


Tipping the Triangle is never easy.

In other words moving from a directive, transactional organisation to one that is transformational with high performing teams. For Lean to become part of an organisation’s DNA and for it to penetrate every function requires a cultural shift in the way people operate.  In particular, leadership from the 1st line to the CEO need to be seen to be leading with the appropriate behaviours and driving the systems and principles to make the transformation a reality.  Tipping the triangle is, therefore, as much about people as it is about systems.

What’s involved?

GENEO will guide you through a transformation process to set up for success that is customised to your organisation. In most cases, a transformation will follow Kotter’s 8 phases of change management. So, before attempting a Value Stream Map or training a core team, GENEO will help you plan for the wider implications of change before taking steps that may be difficult to undo at a later stage.