28 June, 2015

Quick Change Over


First line management, Lean leaders, supervisory/team leader


Provide delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to utilise a structured approach to analyse and improve the activities in setting up a machine to produce a component.
To make delegates aware of the methods used to reduce set-up time of process, and encourage delegates to apply the philosophy of set–up reduction to everyday situations in their own workplace.

At the end of this session delegates will be able to:-

  • Understand how to eliminate bottlenecks and increase flow of work
  • Understand how to Reduce lead times
  • Reduce waste and non value adding tasks
  • Know how to standardise an improvement
  • The need to Improve Setup
  • Know the required approach and techniques
  • Understand the requirements of running an activity
  • Understand the benefits of Improving Setup


  • Introduction to Set-up Reduction
  • Detailed break down of the process
  • Brainstorming of improvement ideas
  • Proving and standardisation of improvement ideas
  • Simulation exercise