4 September, 2015



NVQs in Business Improvement Techniques

The NVQ in Business improvement techniques is an operationally based qualification coached and assessed by GENEO personnel who are both experts in the subject matter and experienced in the world of accreditation and qualified to assess.

For the learner this is an excellent opportunity to gain the skills, apply the learning and record the experience whilst gaining a valid qualification, and be recognised by both GENEO and their employer. All our qualifications are aligned to the UK examinations National framework and are designed to provide the opportunity for candidates to gain valid and recognised accreditation of their Lean learning.


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The NVQ allows you to:

  • Recognise the considerable personal commitment that your people have devoted to their training and development
  • Recognise people for demonstrating they are capable of doing it the right way rather than just knowing the theory
  • Enhance your people’s credibility when engaging with others
  • Provide assurance that your approach is to a nationally recognised standard
  • Reward results



GENEO Lean Academy Limited is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers: UK Provider Reference Number is 10048627