Visual Factory and 5S


The purpose of Visual Factory and 5S – See the problems.

With Visual Factory and 5S an organisation can understand the status of operations immediately and identify deviations from standard ‘at a glance’ without the need for investigation.

Visual Factory and 5S provides the operations with a simple method of ensuring effective processes by minimising the wastes of waiting, over-processing, motion and transport. 

5S is not to be confused with house-keeping.  It is a method for enabling value add in the workplace.

Benefits of Visual Factory and 5S

  • Minimises lost time in wasteful activities
  • Supports the CI thinking way
  • Gives visibility of potential problems before they become critical problems
  • Improves safety in operations with workplace organisation
  • Pride and ownership in the workplace
  • Builds trust with the customer and shareholders


These Operational Excellence pages talk about fundamental lean principles and associated tools. Understanding how to apply these principles and tools to the individual circumstance of discrete organisations is where expertise and experience is paramount. The GENEO team has many decades of experience in doing exactly this.

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