Planned or Preventive Maintenance

The purpose of Planned or Preventive Maintenance – to provide a stable, predictable and effective maintenance schedule for all assets in the operation.  

It is a maintenance scheduling system based upon predicted failure rates.

geneo-lean-operating-model-planned maintenance

Benefits of Planned or Preventive Maintenance

  • Predictable life cycle cost of assets
  • Effective resource planning for maintenance
  • Predictable availability of assets for operations
  • Minimum parts holding and reliable levels of inventory
  • Incremental improvements in MTBF

Planned or Preventive Maintenance is based on a risk assessment (Failure Mode Effect Analysis, FMEA) for what could fail, and what impact that failure would have on operations. This determines priorities of maintenance activities.

The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is the required metric to evaluate the effectiveness of current maintenance activities.  This is to provide a better understanding of performance of maintenance and generate improvements in availability and predictability.

Planned or Preventive Maintenance is an important part of the Stability model required to Lean.


These Operational Excellence pages talk about fundamental lean principles and associated tools. Understanding how to apply these principles and tools to the individual circumstance of discrete organisations is where expertise and experience is paramount. The GENEO team has many decades of experience in doing exactly this.

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