Autonomous Maintenance

 The purpose of Autonomous Maintenance – to provide more ownership for operators with routine maintenance tasks.

Autonomous Maintenance releases the core maintenance team to perform preventative maintenance and technical improvements.



geneo-lean-operating-model-autonomous maintenance

Benefits of Autonomous Maintenance

  • Gain in the number of people engaged in maintenance activities with an appropriate balance of ownership, based on capability, between central maintenance and operators.
  • Early detection of asset degradation
  • Improved Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Generates capacity on bottlenecks
  • Engages workforce and builds flexibility through multi-skilling

There is a paradigm that operators should operate and cannot contribute to maintenance, however, the opposite is true.  Basic inspections and maintenance tasks can be performed by frontline operators with over 50% of maintenance activities shifting from a Planned Maintenance (central) status to forming part of an Autonomous Maintenance 


These Operational Excellence pages talk about fundamental lean principles and associated tools. Understanding how to apply these principles and tools to the individual circumstance of discrete organisations is where expertise and experience is paramount. The GENEO team has many decades of experience in doing exactly this.

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