Maintain Standardised Work

Maintain the Standard

Process Confirmation

Process Confirmation, the robust audit of standards and clear actions to remedy variation is a pre-requisite for ensuring standards serve a purpose. Once written, then forgotten is the danger faced by organisations once over the initial burden of writing Standardised Work.

The role of the Team Leader is particularly important in the maintenance of the Standardised Work. Their effectiveness in process confirmation is enabled when the ratio of Team Leaders to operators is well balanced, providing them with the opportunity to spend time coaching staff in the Standardised Work.  To ensure your Standardised Work can be maintained effectively it is worth:

  • Developing appropriate ratios of Team Leaders to operators
  • Defining the role of Team Leader to coach operators
  • Ensuring time is allocated for training and process confirmation

Layered Audits – ensure the system is working effectively to maintain standards. Whilst the Team Leader helps to maintain the Standardised Work on a day to day basis, the role of leadership is to ensure the system of support, governance and control is in place to support the teams with their endeavours.  Furthermore, they have a role to play in process confirmation. Diarising time on a regular basis to audit a process in conjunction with the Team Leader pays dividends.  Primarily the leader can check the work is being performed as defined by the Standardised Work but they can also bring ‘fresh eyes’ to the process and play a role in coaching. 

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These Operational Excellence pages talk about fundamental lean principles and associated tools. Understanding how to apply these principles and tools to the individual circumstance of discrete organisations is where expertise and experience is paramount. The GENEO team has many decades of experience in doing exactly this.

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