GENEO Vision – Be the best Lean Partner

In order to meet your needs, we have developed three key services.

 A Lean Consulting Practice teeming with experienced practitioners capable of coaching in any sectors and at all levels of the business.  We are a transformational team and know what it takes to make Lean become a lasting way of doing business. A Lean Academy, bubbling with enthusiasm and ready to help you with your internal capability build.  Now a recognised partner with Pearson Edexcel, we can not only train your trainers, we can recognise their efforts and contributions from NVQ Level 2-4 A Lean Software Application that sustains all your hard work in transforming the workplace. Underpinning improvements with a software that builds, and controls standards. ‘Where there is no standard there can be no kaizen.’ From experience, we know how difficult it is to embed the change and maintain the governance of standards. GENEO Software has now made it that much easier for companies to turn one of the most difficult aspects of Lean into an exciting, engaging and value generating process. Standards are the bedrock for continuous improvement and problem solving, two aspects that come closer to being a reality in your business with GENEO’s unique application.

Live it, breathe it, deliver it

Our People

Our people do exactly that.  We are passionate about what we do.  We care how our engagements develop and take hold, and we strive to make them as successful as possible.  We have all lived and breathed Lean in our careers and can, therefore, act with certainty and purpose when coaching our clients. We recognise Lean is about people more than anything.  It is a cultural shift that requires behavioural change in leadership first and foremost. Every transformation is different because every culture is unique to its own history and make-up. This is what makes it such an exciting role and a privileged one at that.

Teach it, build it, lock it

How We Do It

Sustainability is our mantra. In everything we do we ask ourselves whether we have built change that will last; change that can be sustained.

Teach it

Before asking you to deploy and potentially make expensive mistakes, GENEO will take the time to explain what we mean by the principles of Lean, its benefits and consequences.  We can pull on our extensive resources to provide learning on different subject matters in different media forms and provide access to our e-learning platform developed specifically to support your capability needs.

Build It

We will demonstrate by ‘doing’ and building an exemplar for your business and people to learn from: an exemplar that relates to your specific needs and to your clients needs.

Lock It

Moving from a safe pilot to a broader deployment is always a challenge.  GENEO has developed strategies that help you move rapidly without losing the essence of the exemplar pilot or compromising on standards.

We believe our success is down to our people, our vision and our approach

  • We are committed professionals with a passion for Lean and transformational change
  • We are adaptable, having operated in many different sectors
  • We are practical; we get things done
  • We are capable and experienced in our field
  • We believe our services offer a broader scope for meeting our clients needs
  • We are client focussed and deliver a system that meets the need
  • And lastly, we deliver results: culturally, operationally and financially

Tipping the triangle is never easy

In other words moving from a directive, transactional organisation to one that is transformational with high performing teams. For Lean to become part of an organisation’s DNA and for it to penetrate every function requires a cultural shift in the way people operate.  In particular, leadership from the 1st line to the CEO need to be seen to be leading with the appropriate behaviours and driving the systems and principles to make the transformation a reality.  Tipping the triangle is, therefore, as much about people as it is about systems.

What’s involved?

GENEO will guide you through a transformation process to set up for success that is customised to your organisation. In most cases, a transformation will follow Kotter’s 8 phases of change management. So, before attempting a Value Stream Map or training a core team, GENEO will help you plan for the wider implications of change before taking steps that may be difficult to undo at a later stage.