GENEO’s TPM program has reduced maintenance and operating costs for clients by up to 25 percent. Understand how TPM can improve your safety and OEE figures with a further benefit of cost reduction.

Existing maintenance strategies rarely account for TPM either in the planned maintenance field or in autonomous maintenance for operators.

TPM strategies can become narrow in focus, usually focussing on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and do not encompass all the five aspects defined by the TPM institute (see below)

Planned Maintenance
Autonomous Maintenance 
Effective Training 
Early Equipment Management

GENEO’s TPM programme has helped clients reduce their maintenance burden through our rationalisation programme and turn planned maintenance activities into effective standards for use in the workplace.

Manufacturer of high value products for mining

Introduce Total Productive Maintenance to lift line performance in order to consolidate European operations. A unique opportunity to insource from Asia.

Full review of maintenance practices and performance

Identify bottlenecks on 3 key production lines

Introduce OEE (manual data collection and calc) on identified bottlenecks with uptime on secondaries and tertiaries

Re-allocation of Planned Maintenance activities to drive operator maintenance

Introduce line-side stock for key parts and consumables

Early Equipment Management introduced for next generation equipment ready for delivery in 6 month horizon

Quick Change Over activities on line start-ups, tool changes and product changeovers

Shift requirements reduced from 5 to 4

4 products in-sourced from Asia improving quality and unit cost

TPM programme deployed across the group