From pit to port, GENEO has helped mining organisations transform their processes and empower people to own the value stream.

Mining is notoriously driven by volume targets which in a Lean environment can present some challenges considering the waste of over-production.

GENEO has experience of working in Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Supply and Human Resources.  GENEO’s team of experts can adapt Lean without jeopardising the principles and make it meaningful in this dynamic industry.

From Drill and Blast through to train allocations and operations at the port, GENEO can support you in optimising the mining value stream. 


Introduce Lean Operating System to reduce operating cost

4 week diagnostic from pit to port

Introduce buffer management across the value chain

Introduce production control to comply with principle of pull and synchronise mines with demand

Introduce TPM on haulage fleet to move from ‘utilisation’ to ‘effectiveness’

Introduce Information Centres to drive shift, daily, weekly interactions

Fleet haulage reduced by 6%

Fuel costs reduced

Auxiliary equipment reduced across the value chain

Load cycle time reduced by 19% on average across mines

89% engagement of employees in Continuous Improvement and problem solving