Improve your line stops, inventory turns, materials management and work in progress with our Lean Logistics Program.

Lean Logistics is usually an afterthought for operations when, in fact, it can become the showstopper for your clients. Trying to reverse engineer Lean Logistics into an existing operation can test the best and the bravest. However, GENEO has helped clients move away from just-in-case inventory management to dynamic pull systems with levelled production and Kanban systems suited to their environment.  If you have a High Bay carrying stock that hasn’t turned for a couple of years or WIP and Finished Goods that move reluctantly through the value stream, then GENEO can help transform your logistics programme. 

1st Tier Automotive

Eliminate chronic material shortages for a key sequencing plant with turnover in excess of £1bn

Materials assessment

Logistics diagnostic

Introduce lean logistics provider to optimise routes across Europe

Establish supermarket and line-side delivery based on pull, Level scheduling of product, and the de-activation of ERP launches

Plan per part mapping to improve bill of material accuracy

Elimination of high bay storage

£12m one-off inventory saving

Line stoppages due to material supply reduced to zero

Line delivery to OTIF improved by 46%

100% of material controlled by pull systems within an 8 week production horizon