GENEO Vision: Be the best lean partner

GENEO is an organisation specialising in the delivery of Lean and Operational Excellence services.
We offer three principle services in Lean and Operational Excellence to help organisations to launch or build upon existing Lean Journeys.

GENEO Consulting is a practice teeming with experienced practitioners capable of coaching Operational Excellence in all sectors and at all levels of the business.


We are a transformational team and know what it takes to make Lean become a lasting way of doing business. We help companies move from a directive, transactional culture to one that is transformational with high performing teams.


For Lean to become part of an organisation’s DNA and for it to penetrate every function requires a cultural shift in the way people operate. Leadership, from the 1st line to the CEO, need to lead with the appropriate behaviours, driving the systems and principles to make the transformation a reality.  


Building an operating system is, therefore, as much about people as it is about systems.

GENEO Software is an enterprise wide application for creating, governing, and managing all aspects of Standardised Work, also known as Standard Operating Procedures, or Work Instructions. 


GENEO built the Standardised Work software because we recognise that many organisations struggle to sustain the creation and management of standard operating procedures and work instructions. 


It is widely accepted that Operational Excellence and CI are dependant on a foundation of well constructed and managed standards, operating procedures or work instructions. 


GENEO recognises that standardised work is fundamental to the Lean Operational Excellence Model and that the GENEO Software will help underpin your success in transforming your organisations lean culture.

Capability transfer sits at the heart of any enduring Lean philosophy.


GENEO Academy is the training provider to build your capability in Lean and Operational Excellence.   GENEO can design the right curriculum of courses to suit your needs.


We offer training for senior leaders in Lean Leadership principles and behaviours to drive excellence throughout the organisation.  


GENEO's Lean Practitioner Program, delivered in conjunction with The Manufacturing Institute UK, is designed to drive performance and capability in the value streams.  


Bespoke Lean training for all members of the organisation is available to meet all of your training requirements in Lean and Operational Excellence.  

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