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Standards and policies are the core DNA of any business. They set out and control how a business ensures the quality of its products and services, protects its workforce and manages risk.

GENEO software simplifies the process of creating, authorising and managing standards, while increasing visibility and enabling continuous improvement.

It’s Simple….

GENEO has simplified the process of creating and controlling good standardised work.



Easily Create Standards

Create a standard for your standards.


Capture the work sequence following the What How Why methodology.


Time wasted formatting and rearranging is a thing of the past.



Want to change the work sequence?

Simply drag and drop work to rearrange the sequence of work.





Viewing standards

Preview your printed output with a single click.


Customise how your standards look.


Go paperless and view on any device.



Transparent Governance

All governance activity in one system, utilising email alerts.


Build authorisation requirements that fit your business.


All change dialogue visible, time and date stamped and archived.


Full version history automatically generated and accessible.





Rebalance workload with ease

You focus on productivity and let GENEO take care of the changes.


Simple drag and drop Yamazumi function.


Automatic document restructure ready for authorisation.



Shared Common Work

All governance activity in one system, utilising email alerts.


No need to write the same work many times over.


Build and exploit a library of common activity.


Share standards across departments, sites and countries.





Onboard Annotator

All images can be fully annotated.


All annotations remain editable .




The PPE Challenge

Make your PPE requirements visual.


Standardise how PPE is specified.


Emphasise safety and maintain your duty of care.





Share standards and best practice across your organisation.



Visibility Across the Company

Cloud enabled and enterprise wide application.


Manage visibility by function or location.


Control access through a granular permissions system.



Share common work across your organisation

Write standards once and share best practice.


Rationalise the number of documents you need to build and control.


Build and exploit a library of common activity.





Collaborate freely with Workspaces

Create a safe environment for innovation to standards.


Cross-fertilise ideas in shared workspaces.


Tap into experts across the organisation .



Compliance Comes Naturally

Always compliant with transparent management of change.



Complete Version History

Every version of every standard kept and easily accessible.


Reinstate old versions if new methods prove unsuccessful.




Clearly see non-compliant documents

Link important policies and documents to work standards.


See how changes in regulation impact your procedures.





Lock-in the the value of continuous Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery improvements



Time to Write SOPs

Our customers tell us that they see anything up to a 40% decrease in the time needed to create and maintain SOPs



Number of SOPs

Sharing work easily across departments and locations and sharing common work across SOPs allows customers to decrease the number of SOPs required by up to 40%





Governance Lead Time

Internally managed authorisations with system alerts and emails reduces the lead time significantly



Continuous Improvement

Increased agility and a reduced effort for change means that CI can flourish




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